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This year back to the cold'n snow on Dragon Island. Also for big ol' fethertails ONLY!
But! No more passive lookin pretty dragons. Get fearsome, get furious. Get armor and be a frickin DRAGON RIDERS!
Hope this will work, becaue in my head it seems to get pretty epic xD

Battle show only for FEATHERTAILED DRAGONS.

This event has 2 parts. But 2nd part is sort of twist and suprise, so will be opened at 31st January, at same moment when 1st part ends.

RACES: Battle show off
Held: Dragon Island
Deadline: 29th February 2020 (PART 2 ONLY!!!! Part one has ended.)
Pre-registration: Not needed
Please include following informations under entry picture:
Dragon name (with ref. link):
Rider name:

Show area describtion:
It's on a place that is easily acessible only by flight path. It's on mountain plateau with glorious view over island... if the weather didn't suck.
There are no trees at all, only short stumpy dwarf pine covered in thick snow layer, so the might appear more like snowy mounds.
On a side of plateau is entrange to underground cavern. Entrance is marked by two stylized dragon shaped stone monolits (tall around 4 meters. You can call the 'totems' if you wish).

Weather is frikin' ugly. I mean like DAMN ugly. So ugly, that I couldn't even find refs (cause noone goes to the mountains in this weather). Harsh cold tempertures, heavy sinister clouds, there might be heavy snowing, wind, blizzards... it's all there.
Day time: simply still daylight, doesn't really matter if morning on evening, because sky cannot be seen anyway xD. But it's still light.

Non of these are definitive, it's only inspirative.
Here are some mountains, but let's be honest... how much of it will be actually visible? :D
Overall island relief (but remember, you are atop of a mountain):
For that village, yes it's there, sorty. If you want to inlude it, remember it should be fantasy medieval stylised human buildings.
Some snow details:
This event is focused on specially on rendering snow! So pay a VERY good attention on how snow works, what colors does it have, how it reflects light, how it sticks to surfaces, how it creates chunks, how it melts (if heated up by your dragns fire breath) etc.! We will look on in A LOT while judging.
Also there are no extra picture for this time. I want you to concentrate on that one single picture. To make it as perfect as you possibly can.


Part 1 of this.

- No age restrictions.
-focused on ferrocity, fearsomnes and roughness of dragons

Dragon is supoesed to be in his/her battle beast mode. Any sort of armors are welcome. Rider should be ridding the dragon, but it's not a rule. They can team up in a different maner (like both in battle position - one on ground, one in air etc.)
Captured body portion: you have couple of options. As I look for epic picture, I don't stricly demmand fullbody of both rider and dragon at same time. BUT! I demand picture to make sense and if you choose not to make fullbody dragon, do atleast fullbody rider (Monstly I have in mind that picture of rider in front and dragon sinnistery behind him). You want to show how fearsome your dragon is. How great fighter your characters are. You wan't to show everyone "don't mess with me punk!". If you are not strongly confident that you can build this feeling with not-fullbody pic of dragon, don't go for it, becuase It might cost you a LOT of score points.
Clothes: Remember it's frikin' ugly weather, so rider characters should be properly dressed. Unless you want to kill them, or they are some damn yetti or smething. I just call upon your sanity :D I cannot force you like kid to "put on that damn jacket!" :D. Armors and weapons are very welcome! Same goes with magic.
Fire/Ice/Toxic breath: Go for it. It's your dragons primar weapon, if you want to use it, use it.
Stance: Up to you, I personally would go for interesting not still standing poses, even for abrupt movements and actuall fight moves.

exclamation point exclamation pointexclamation point exclamation point PART 2exclamation point exclamation point exclamation pointexclamation point 

- will be released at 31st January
- not needed part 1 to participate part 2

From the blizzard, unexpected like death itself appeared dragon hunters. There's 30 of them (but remember that not ALL of them will go after on dragon at one time). They are know as "Dumoshans". They want only one thing. To slain every dragon they encounter, salvage his body for material and resources they can sell. In most contries (excluding Colderra) they are NOT considered poachers and their goods are highly desirable.

However, since Kingdom of Colderra had settled sanctuary for remaining spitter dragons (feathertailed) on Dragon Island, they are not supposed to be there. Yet here they are.
(Dumoshan gear can of course vary in details, gryphons can vary in color, even owl gryphons can be included. Dwarves can have different body frame or beards, both male and female can be included)

What to do?
Fight or run. There's not much options left. If you will run, you cannot hide in caverns, because that would reveal where eggs and babies are hidden. So you can run means escape the mountains. Dumoshans will go after you, will try to hunt down you dragon, unless you will get too close to town or harbor.
If you will fight, be brave. Dumoshans are agile and their gryphons easily outmanouver dragon in air (similar to swallows and buzzard)
Hunters tend to attack in flocks of 5. They will most likely go after dragon's wings to ground him or will try to get dragons attention so one of flock can cut open his guts.

Weather: Not really good visibility, snowing, windy. All fighta will probably happen close to ground (if in air) or very high above worst weather (if it's possible :D I don't know xD). But suicidals can have it in middle if blizzard, why not xD

For story mode:
In case you wish to have some kind of story going on, Dumoshan riders are not pre-defined (except for their 'uniforns'. Feel free to create dwarf OC that will belong to clan and give you some kind of plot)

What to draw:
Well, obviously either fight or escape according to info written obove.


This is feature that you can use for this event. If you will unlock hardcore mode for your dragon, I (DnD dice, so basicly random) will decide what PERMANENT consequence will be.
Options are:
- Minor injuries (will result in multiple scars in the end)
- Fatal injury that still can be cured (for cure you will need to draw mending/recovering of dragon)
- Imminent death (cut thorat, shot in heart, or cut gut)
- Death caused by injuries (dragon dies in weeks or moth later)
- Crippling wings (dragon unable to fly)
- Losing one front limb
- Losing one back limb
- Losing sight
- Losing one eye
- Losing ability to spit (fire/ice/toxic etc etc)
- Losing part of tail
- Losing one half of feathered rudder (will result in bad flying ability)
- Breaking of one horn


(only for part 1)
Created by SpiritWindcaper

Participation token
Special awards:
King/queen of dragons - most badassly/seriously looking dragon.
The butcher - dragon that looks like it will rip you to pieces if you come near.
Hard trier - the one who tries hard to be badass, but is still just cute.


1st place:
- trophy
- placed ribbon
- 300 Points
- 5 extra levels to split for mounts of your choice
- crafted item (epic mount equip/raider equip, jewelery etc.)
- shaded sketch of used dragon by Brissinge

2nd place:
- trophy
- placed ribbon
- 3 extra levels to split for mounts of your choice
- crafted item (rare mount equip/raider equip, jewelery etc.)
- flatcolored sketch of used dragon by Brissinge

3rd place:
- placed ribbon
- 1 extra level for mount of your choice
- crafted item (uncommon mount equip/raider equip, jewelery etc.)
- uncolored sketch of used dragon by Brissinge

All other:
- participation ribbon
- participation token

exclamation point exclamation point exclamation pointexclamation point PART 2:exclamation point exclamation point exclamation pointexclamation point

THERE'S NO REAL WINNER. You all run/fight for life. BUT!
- participation token (like another one, even if you got token from part 1)
- +2 levels for your dragon
- +5 levels for your rider
- based at random everyone gets one of following options: gryphon (same as the one/one of gryphons depict on their entry), dumoshan helmet, dumoshan token, dumoshan axes, some valuable trinket that dumoshan used to wear, dumoshan fur cloak. All items are RARE.


Extra points:

DONATING OF PRIZE: +1-10 (depends on ammound and quality of donation)
Including watchers of show:  +1-6 per each (depends on quality of their render. Maximal number is 3 watchers. Watchers can be random people, or yours or someone elses OCs, depends on you.) (max +18)
Including other dragons: +1-6 per each (depends on quality of their render. Maximal number is 3 dragons.) (max +18)

Also be sure to check, if your mount has any EP you could use (Mount and Character ranking) or any tack/accesory, that might increase your score. If they have EP, mention their ammount in entry describtion plase.

Point system for both disciplines:

Entry not made by you: Disqalification
Reused old picture: Disqualification
Not included rider: Disqualification
Not visible face of rider: Disqualification (meaning: for example if rider is facing camera and his face is not rendered, or riders head is cut out by egde of picture. In case rider is facing away from camera, or something is blocking his face, it's acceptable)

Detailed Shading +3 points
Plain Shading + 2 points
No Shading - 0 points

Correct detailed background +3 points
Correct simple background +2 points
Incorrect background -2 points
Photo background -Disqualification

Long Story (+1000 words) +3 points
Medium Story (+500 words) +2 points
Short story (+100 words) +1 point
No story - 0 points

Judges Decision:
Immpresion = 0-15
Creativity = 0-15
Rendering = 0-20
Ferrocity = 0-30
Snow points = 0-20

WE ARE THE FURY! or cute dwagonz?


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*WoC Competition* - Fire and Blood by Efirende

- weapon or gear for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
- one enchanted dagger for all participants
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předělávám si poznámkový soubor (díky dA, který mi zničil ten první)... koukám, že ty "donation" se do topicu asi nedostaly, jen teda nevím jak s nimi dál?

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Nevadí, dodám aj tak xD len som na to v tomto celom chaose pozabudla xD Môžeme poriešiť cez správu alebo na telegrame

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Chci se pozeptat hlavně na použití a tak - a mít v tom konečně pořádek :D bude se to hodit s tolika změnama :D Rychlejší bude asi telegram: https://t.me/SamanthaDragon

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tak dávám co mám, víc prostě nestíhám...
Contest/Event: Fight for Life by Samantha-dragon
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my entry for the second part! <3
[DWS] When the Dragon Does All the Work by SpiritWindcaper
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uuh, maluju, tentokrát zkouším tu proklatou sněhovou bouři tradičně, tak jsem zvědavá :D jen mi to jde pomalu, měla jsem teď slušnou nálož lineartování do práce a dřív se na to nedostala D: tak jen doufám, že stíhám, ááá
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ou :D tak to bude kruté :D ale těším se na to xd
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do toho :D ty jim dáš na prdel :'D
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Can we fight to death? Show no mercy to these "poachers"? xD
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Wait, don't fight, someone has to save Algain!! XD
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They can do both xD
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Like ... using Algain as a weapon? XD
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wow, such useful weapon. What does it do? :D:D:D

Btw: Algain will regret he didn't brought the spear that he has won on Farrosian show xD
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Algain: How in the hells I could have known?!

Armitar: Ummm like ... "bring armor, weapons and look badass"?

Algain: Was not asking you. .... Now get on you gryphon and get me the hell outta here!!
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Algain as a weapon? Maybe as mace :lol: 
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"Algain! Growl and bark at them!" :D
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sure. just kill it with fire or something. :D
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omg I'm so hyped for the part 2 aaaaa 
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ještě pořád? :DDDDDD
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no jako.... bude to dobrodružný :D :D možná to zase zkusím tradičně, takže v tom bude pot a krev nejen draka, ale i moje xddd
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Here's my smiley man!! He's really dangerous though >:C

[Dragon Winter Show] Lets show off by SpiritWindcaper
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