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So far, you've seen different races, that live in the World.
I quess it's time to make it clear about the races. So there is list of races, that exist so far (I might add some).

Pure races

  • Humans - Mitfalans, Imbrimari, Etjadrans.
  • Elves - High elves, Wooden elves, fallen elves, northern elves / CZ: ElfovéVysocí elfové, lesní elfové, padlí elfové, severní elfové
  • Dwarfs - Blackmine, Mistypeak, Chasm, Frost /CZ:  Trpaslíci - Černodolští, Mlžnohorští, Hlubinní, Ledoví
  • Gnomes - Coastal gnomes, Midterran gnomes, Cavern gnomes /CZ: Gnomové(Skřítci) - Přímořští, Vnitrozemní, Jeskynní
  • Nagas - Ground nagas, Water Nagas, Cryptic nagas / CZ: Zemní nagové, Vodní nagové, Cryptidi
  • Perimides - Dicters (Lizard people), Felkens (Feline people),  Savaggans (Aquatic people), Inserges (Insect people),  Katratch (squirrel people), Girichens (Canine people)/ CZ: Dicterové (Ještěří lidé), Felkeni (Kočičí lidé), Savagové (Aquatický národ), Insergové (Hmyzí lidé), Katratchi (veverčí lidé), Giricheni (Psí/vlčí lidé)

Biracials (accepted as race)

  • Elf/Naga - Sindangs/CZ: Sindangové
  • Elf/Dwarf - Dwelf / CZ: Dwelfové

Died-out races

  • Primitives - Urasurs / CZ: Urasurové

Special, unknown

  • Nebulas


Also we have there some special 'powers'. They come in form of curses and sicnesses.


  • Werecreatures - Werewolf, Werebear, Werecat, werecroc / CZ: Vlkodlak, medvědodlak, kočkodlak, krokodlak
  • Vampirism - Blood-drinkers*, Mana-suckers**, Soul-eaters*** / CZ: Krvopijci, Manažrouti, Dušerváči

        *Classic blood drinking vampires, usually persecuted for being murderes. (obviously, if they dring blood of hummanoid victims)
        ** Technicaly taken, nanobots. Hummanoids Injected with nanites, which slowly transforms them from inside to be hummanoid machines. They suck mana, as energy to power nanites. Not illegal, just weird.
        Also working nanites can be obtained only from prime-machine. Which is main chivtain of mana-sucker guild. Nanite injection is just for chosen ones.
        *** Basicly murderers, because they eat living souls. No matter if animal or hummanoid.


  • Kanima - Race/Reptile
  • Dragima - Race/Dragon
  • Engima - Race/Energy
  • Hirmina - Undead


And finaly, entities. Servants of good and bad side of the World.


  • Danaridin* 'Angels' - Servants of Ferion, the eternal God, good entities. They often have form of huge white birds, or white persons with blazing, glowing faces. Most of time they keep themself invisible.
        *Danari Din = Servant of light (CZ: Služebník světla)
  • Rabelyan* 'Demons' - Servants of Concile of Liars, bad entities. Probably they look like bat-harpies without face (and head is always covered by cape.) Most of time they are invisible.
        *Raam bel Yanar = Evil from hell (CZ: Zlý z pekel)

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Felkens link doesn't work
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
you're right. I've fixed it, with few more links that didn't work
0Luna123's avatar
Thank you. Also, about the races I came up after commenting the first one: Are nekomimis allowed? In which race they go to if they are allowed?
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
the rider doesn't have be from my world, you can bring in your own design, that has nothing to do with my world, only it has to be able to ride mounts I offer

if you'd really want to fit it into my list of races, there's no race to place it in. Only option would be to have human druid, that can change into cat, and uses this ability partially all the time, to partially appear as a cat. But that would have to be very skilled druid to manage it. So I would recommand: don't bother about my races, and just use your own design without trying to fit it in :) that would be easier, if you are not really passionate about having rider based on my world :D
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BreezyDraws's avatar
For the Werecreatures disesease, would it be possible to have a non human humanoid be affected? For example, your Felken race? Like if they were afflicted, their “were” form would be a primal/feral beast instead of the civilized form they have now?
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
it is possible, but i think the werecat for a felken wouldn't look like a normal big cat. It would still have some hummanoid features
DrabDog's avatar
I have some questions about snake-like races; could you describe ground and cryptic nagas? Do all of them have no legs, or only the water nagas? What are Sindangs and what is the difference between them and Dicters?
I'd like to create a snake-humanoid character, a bit more snakish than Dicters, but with legs, that why I'm asking ^^; 
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
cryptids are mostly unknown, their appearance is unknown. They are presumed to be similar to water nagas, but hideous creatures. There was only one actually seen so  I wouldn't reccomand these as character as it wouldn't be lore friendly. They live very deep in sea and never go to surface.
Ground nagas look similar to water nagas, only live on ground and can't breathe under water. mountain and desert naga, mountain naga female. there's two kinds of ground nagas, mountain - darker, very husky, mostly greenish. Desert - rattlesnake tails, lighter build, mostly brownish.

sidang is artifically created "race" of naga and elf fusion. They were created ages ago and there's not many of them. They live among others, they have no racial homeland or culture. They usuallly have features of both races, they never have snake tails tho. Here's so far only existant sindang character: Mr.Ginko, South rider, What did you say?!

another option is kanima. That's mixture of naga soul with soul of any another race. Again, they were created some time ago artifically and genes are passed after parents. Usually after birth person has no idea about being kanima, first signs show in extreme stress/puberty/life hardships etc. Some kanimas in human form have no visual features of naga, some look very similar but they never have tails in "human" form. But mostly all kanimas can transform into ground naga (willingly or unwillingly. works sorta like werewolves) or a so called "wild kanima" which has no humanoid thinking at all. Wild kanima can look entiery like a snake on very bestial naga and cannot be turned back. Wild kanima is insane killing machine that has to be eliminated (they were created as war weapon by naga in war with human world. They were like a time bomb among humans). Kanimism is not a disease, it's inborn thing or inserted into one's soul by force (that's forbiden art tho). here's for example two kanima siblings: Aigre  - human form, Rakauge - human form, Rakauge - mountain naga form, Aigre transform, Aigre naga form

but if you really want something snakinsh, more than what naga allow, there's no way you can find that in existant races of my world. But you are welcome to play this ARPG with any rider of your own, it doesn't have to be based on my list of races :D majority of people in group have characters that does not come from my world

i'm sorry for such a long and perhaps confusing message, it's still all work in progress so i have no info written in english that i could share just by link.
DrabDog's avatar
Thanks for the detailed response to my questions!
I wanted to have something like a Dicter, but with longer neck and tail and mybe without ears... Can be lizard people so?
However, I really like the concept of kanimas now.

I just love to make lore characters that would better fit the world ^^
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
unfortunately it's not possible to get dicter with longer neck, tail and without ears :/

i'm afraid there's no hummannoid creature in my world to fit your preferences :(

TalonV's avatar
I have a small request if I may; for those races with cultural/racial mounts, may those be listed by their races? I am SO curious to see which mount goes with what race. X3
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
that's quite good idea :D but in some cases it's not that clear, what mounts are belonging to what race :D
TalonV's avatar
Aye; and I know there's bound to be 'overlap' on more than a few mounts, but for the main ones, like say if a nation had a specific national race mount they were proud of, it'd be nice to know for story purposes which go to where. 
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
i will try to work on it :D but i can't promise anything :D
Hi! Just poking through and being curious. Have you considered the possibility of a Naga using a modified Lady´s saddle? Their tails look bendy enough to be able to work that way, at least to me. XD
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
i've been already thinking of it :D well, it might be possible, but they just never did it throught their history, and they used nagian unicorns as battle pets or carriage animals :D
I see. Heh, I suppose riding in a carriage would be much more comfortable for them anyway. :D
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what characteristics do Wood elves have?
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
good archers, living in woods mostly, bit like wood elves in elder scrolls.
ArcticNomad's avatar
And more questions pops to my mind :D Are these humanoids free to create? Because I'd like to have human, elf and centaur characters. And if yes, where should I submit the centaur reference because they can't be riders :D
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
yes, these are free to create, just let me see them first, so they will look according to my world :D centaur reference can be submited into "riders" folder even tho they are not riders :D
ArcticNomad's avatar
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