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*Holding the Handler, who was a distraction, with its claw*
Now, Shen Gaoren hasn't always had such glamour,
I was a drab giant crab, once.
Now I know I can be happy as Dodogama
Because I'm beautiful, baby

Did your commander say listen to your heart?
Be who you are on the inside?
If so, these words will tear their argument apart:
Your boss, they LIED! I'd rather be

SHINY *thousands of Scout flies are released from its shell and illuminate the cave*
like a treasure from a grounded airship wreck!
Scrub the deck, and make it look
Like a relic from a golden dragon's back,
Them's the facts

Don't ya know?
Jagras are dumb, dumb, dumb
They chase anything that glitters.

Oh, and here they come, come, come
*small group of Jagras runs up*
'cause they're stupid little critters,
*opens Kulve skull's jaw and snaps it shut on the Jagras*
but good dinners

I just like free food
You look good to me, food

*Prepares to eat the Handler*

*Hunter runs up behind to try to hit with their weapon but it bounces right off the Kulve Skull*
Huh? *turns around*
*The other Hunters reveal themselves*
*Gaoren releases Handler and turns attention towards the hunters*

Well, well, well... *fight triggers*
Little hunters tryna kill me at first glance
Ya little fragile bags of flesh 'n' bone.
Think THAT’S gonna even leave a dent on me?
Not a chance! (Got it?)
Sure, just swing it. What a fool-proof plan

Yet credit for this shell’s only fair,
To give to you and that Zorah
He shook down walls blocking El Dorado Cave, where,
I found this treasah, so now I am

Like the Rathalos Plate that will never drop,
With you I’ll mop, the floor, so it’s 
I’m what G-rank hunters couldn’t hope to stop!
My shell can’t be topped. Listen man,

Hope you ain’t, ain’t, ain’t
Thinkin’ a couple oafs have got good odds
‘gainst War o’ Worlds Tripod (Look it up)
You will faint, faint, faint,
Maybe you should’ve brought less Scout flies,
More med supplies

Far from the world you abandoned to
aid in the Research Commission
it’s you that they wanted
You tried to be tough,
But your armor's not high-tier enough!

You’d rather be fighting the pickle that’s
But a short-tempered Tempered still won’t be as

Soak it in, cause it's the last you're gonna see
Before cart three, then I’ll be much more
Once I’m Tempered ‘cause y’all hunters had to flee.
Win-win for me

You'll never be quite as shiny,
You wish you were nice and SHINY~!!!
This is a parody of the song "Shiny" from Disney's Moana based on Monster Hunter World.

Basically, back when Kulve Taroth, the golden Elder Dragon was announced, I remembered Shen Gaoren, the huge crab monster with an Elder Dragon skull for a shell. Then I remembered Tamatoa.

You can take it from there, I'm sure. :)

I actually first uploaded this song as a comment on one of :iconnch85:'s videos, so in case you recognize it, yes, I'm the same guy.

Also, don't know why I made it as if it was an actual fight in the game. I just thought it was cool.

Shiny - Moana © Disney
Monster Hunter World 
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