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Galactus of Borg
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By wobblyone   |   Watch
Published: January 29, 2004
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An idea for a crossover type thing, having Galactus assimilate the Borg and bring them to Earth during Kirk's Star Trek era.

Galactus, the Enterprise & the Borg cubes were drawn manually in pen & ink then scanned in & colored with Photoshop. The background Space & Earth were adapted from generic reference pics.
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Wow, Galactus looks way scarier in black armor.
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Yaoi-Huntress-EarthHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now that's a nightmare scenario.
awesomesaurusrex's avatar
now where did I leave my brown pants?
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Marvel did something like this with their Ultimate comics....Galactus was dumped into the Ultimate Marvel universe and ALLOWED the Gah Lak Tus drone swarm to MERGE with him. Big G was the one driving, the swarm did his bidding, so something like this is actually quite plausible.
gnish's avatar
"A Chaotic Assimilation!" Star Trek-Heart of A Trekkie 
TheOnlyEscapeIsDeath's avatar
As if the pathetic space zombies somehow add anything to the power of Galactus.
NakedCrook's avatar
That is not how it works...

Those Space Zombies defeated Galactus, and added his distinctiveness (and his power) to their own.

Galactus lost.
TheOnlyEscapeIsDeath's avatar
Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Galactus devours entire planets. He can wipe out entire star systems with a thought. He is equal in power to the physical embodiments of Death, Infinity, Eternity and Oblivion in the Marvel universe. He's essentially a living, thinking, doing-whatever-the-fuck-he-wants weaponized universal constant. He is not something that you can destroy with lasers or subvert with nanomachines. If you want to take him out, you either need to be able to warp the fabric of reality on a multiversal scale or have ridiculously high-end magic (which, in effect, is no different from the former), two things that the Borg do not have.
The Borg, by comparison, are ants. In fact, even that's being generous. They control, what, a fourth of a galaxy? Even less than that, I think. Galactus wouldn't even be inconvenienced by them; he could just turn them into slime with a thought. Worst comes to worst? Use the Ultimate Nullifier on them. What is the Ultimate Nullifier, you ask? It destroys everything and anything you want it to, as long as you know what it is. You don't like the color blue? Fuck blue! It's been nullified. The Borg are fucking with you? Not anymore!
Someone can draw a picture of the Borg somehow managing to assimilate Galactus, even though it makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever, sure. I can also draw a picture of a five year old with polio taking down the Hulk, it doesn't prove anything.
P.S. If you beat Galactus, then Abraxas comes out and destroys the multiverse, so even if the Borg beat him they'd still get fucked over.
KingNot's avatar
IMO if Galactus encountered such a species he'd take them over.  I'm more on your side he could wipe them out (?absorb/Eat?) if he wanted.

On the other hand, imagine those as a perfect "Herald" system.  He uses a "Herald" since moving himself through space takes up the most energy and makes him hungrier - so he has a herald to both make it more efficient for him and actually to reduce the damage he does.  The latter is purely selfish, concerned to last until the end of the universe and if he ate too rapidly he could eliminate his food supply.

The problem is - and that's Marvel history - he's had ...issues... with Heralds.
Simply having his ultra powerful will and power cosmic overcome the Borg and use them as a "Herald Swarm" is a better idea.  They have a Hive Mind that a godlike intellect could dominate in a heartbeat.  Instead of issues from evil ones trying to take more power vs good ones that get overcome with guilt over their actions, the swarm has a will that can be influenced but no personal thought.  They would be far harder to fight off than high powered individuals and fighting them off or delaying them would only mean the destruction of a species when the weakened opponent faced Galactus.

Galactus consumes worlds while the Borg consume knowledge and civilizations.  It'd be more benign or worse depending on one's opinion.  The Borg would come ahead and fully strip a world of life forms and materials to make a few more cubes then welcome Galactus to devour.  They would make space civilizations in the cosmos or on the planets somehow that Galactus couldn't eat.  Since there would be so many over such distance with Galactus's Power Cosmic communicating and keeping them in check Galactus would never hunger for a meal while the Borg would consider themselves the saviors of countless races from death.
TheOnlyEscapeIsDeath's avatar
You know, that actually sounds pretty plausible, seeing as Galactus meeting Gah Lak Tus (Big G's counterpart from the Ultimate universe, a hive-minded robotic swarm similar to the Borg) resulted in them fusing together, with the original Galactus controlling them all of course.
NakedCrook's avatar
You mad bro?

Resistance is futile.

Galactus lost. Deal with it.
graffilthy's avatar
I meant Whoa. Wow. Whee. The art and concept are excellent.
graffilthy's avatar
Who. Wow. Whee. Deathly combination, they go good together.
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Ari-DynamicProfessional Digital Artist
Well, they're pretty screwed now. xD
Sora200's avatar
The universe is screwed.
ProjectWarSword's avatar
ProjectWarSwordHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now.. to trick Unicron from Transformers to fight him!
Red-Jirachi-2's avatar
Next time Galactus, don't snack on spacecraft. No matter how planet-like it is
Ryanator50's avatar
Ryanator50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol, Earth is doomed.
Intellectual-Soldier's avatar
Intellectual-SoldierStudent General Artist
HA HA HAH!! I'm loving this!... I'M LOVING THIS ALOT!!!!!!!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
Melciah1791's avatar
Melciah1791Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww shit, you fucked noww
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
Maybe slightly less fucked: at the very least, there will be something left of your planet after he assimilates it...
Melciah1791's avatar
Melciah1791Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unless he assimilates the world itself, a world sized borg ship
blackJokerzwildz's avatar
so does he assimilate then eat lol
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