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There's this small contest, worth a try :aww:
Go over here:
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Everything should be finished soon, 
let me know if you would also want to see more film photos, I don't tend to share them very often…
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I don't think I say this enough, so thanks again a lot for all your support last year, really nice to reach 1 million total views at my uploads :aww: 

Starting my activity again these days, I reviewed some of the milestones from the past and I decided to post some of them, including this one! 
Head over here to see the photo and give it a cheeky like if you support my stuff on facebook too:…

Hope you all had and have a beautiful start of Spring <33
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forjournal_snippet_of_the_new_stuff by Wnison

Hi! Not really sure about how many of you are still active on here, but I do apreciate those who are, and I'm sorry for not uploading recently.
As you may noticed there are changes in what types of photos I'm taking. There's so much planned, and I'm so excited to put in practice all those ideas laying around in my notebooks. There's one element missing, and that's the weather :| It's so bad lately.. I don't think I waited so much for Spring in my whole life!!

There's gonna be a fully personal approach in the upcoming uploads in April. Things you can feel much more than in my previous photos. Good feelings, perspectives you might find at least interesting :aww:
It's a sensitive balance I want to maintain, so it takes some time to proper fix it. And it's not only about photography. It would be so simple to throw around all my thoughts, but my point is to gradually share parts of my world when I feel it's the right time :heart:
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I can't think of a better song that would fit the day ^…

I won the contest I announced a while ago! That's great, so thanks to everyone who voted :heart:

The winner case + another one selected by the website are available for purchase now!
They're not very cheap, but the quality is amazing, and of course I would apreciate a lot if some of you guys will actually buy one of the cases! And if you do, be sure you hit me up with a photo of it and you :D

Here's the cheeky link:…

Oyyyyy 2 by Wnison


Hello everyone!
I just entered a design contest for phone cases :O Today started the voting period, and I would apreciate a lot if you would leave a little vote for the case you like the most :aww: 
This is for the 'People's Favorite' prize and you can vote till 8 February! The theme is #FeelinGood so let's try to reach to the top the first case, it's also my fav, but I think you can vote more than one ;)

Casetagram by Wnison

I might properly sell phone cases with my photos and designs in the near future :hmm:

ALSO, in other news, I made a collab with the amazing :iconineedchemicalx:

Thanks again so much, for all your support :highfive:…
Do you like Ed Sheeran? 
I personally really like his music, I find it fascinating how simple is at the surface yet so inspirational.

One of his songs inspired a photo I just uploaded on facebook:


Hello everyone!!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for all the lovely support this whole year! It's been such a great one, and you are part of the reason why it was this way :aww:
I will do my best to respond to all your comments soon!

Lately I got more and more friend requests, but, now, you can basically follow me on my personal facebook if you want to, and this makes things more simple, as you can see more of my photos, chat and see stuff I like to share, easier.

Chained by Wnison

This is actually the first proper eye photo I uploaded so far.
Nothing special really, but let me know on FB if you would like to see more :aww:…

I'm working on a more conceptual eye photo which I will upload here on dA as soon as it will be good enough!…
Merry Christmas everyone!!
I will leave you with this photo until January 1. I hope you're all enjoying the winter holiday! ✖ ᴗ ✖
I feel like I'm not saying this enough, so thank you, for all your lovely support! :heart:
I apreciate everyone that has at least a little interest in what I'm doing, I always read every comment and I'm trying to respond as fast as I can to all of them! 
With this little journal, I want to create a closer approach between you and me, because at a point, if you like what I'm doing, we have something in common, and I think it's nice to develop a bit on stuff that we find enjoyable :aww:

7 6-finished4 by Wnison
(^ the most recent photo with me
I actually wanted to make a more happy photo for this journal, but I'm not that good with selfies)

Here are some recent stuff I like, that you might like too:

✖ Thomas Prime - Believe in Us feat. Awon…
✖ Toyboy & Robin - Jaded…
✖ DJ Cam Quartet - Rebirth of Cool…
✖ Bondax - All I Want
Tumblr posts:

Also, if you have any kind of questions, for the next 24 hours I'm gonna answer all of them in the comments section bellow, and yeah, we can have a little chat maybe :aww:
So I decided to finally introduce my approach for the portrait photography on my fan page too, with this edit of one of my latest uploads with one of my first 'models'.

It would mean a lot if you would let me know if you would like to see more of this kind,
if you have a FB account :aww:

See it here:

I'm happy about this! I loved the theme from the beggining and actually this time I look like a normal person in the photo :giggle:

And please let me know what you think if you have a FB :aww: