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Underwater explorations: short rest in submarine

The wallaby male Bray (at left) and numbat female Brianna (at right) recently finished their underwater walk and have a rest in barocamera of lemur's submarine. They must to wait for finishing of decompression process. Brianna fully removed her scuba gear (except her wetsuit) and drowses, but Bray still in gear, except unplugged breathing apparatus and helmet, which he keeps in hands.

This drawing is a continuation of my series "Underwater explorations" , , ( lemurs scuba gear) , ,

which are the fanfiction for "Legacy" comic by Kitfox-Crimson :iconkitfox-crimson:

Also in the original comic there no underwater and scuba-diving episodes yet :)

art (c) WLynx - 2015 :iconwlynx:
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© 2015 - 2021 WLynx
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Looking cool! Bray's got some slicked back hair there CX
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Thank you for faving of this drawing) Really I'm sorry that I never inform you about it. Because I thought that it may be more authentic.

>> Bray's got some slicked back hair
Possibly, he wet his fur/hair because his head feels rather hot after a long period in the helmet. Also I was very tired in that day, and Bray suddenly reflect of my external view at that moment.

I also have a some examples with your rats, but their faces need a some reworking yet.

Are you have any plans of continuation of this your comic? (As you can see, I have a some ideas of my own alternative continuation :) ).
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Yes I will continue it, I just have a lot going on right now CX
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So, I did something else:
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No problem) Good luck!
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They should have cards and magazines there to make decompression proces go more smoothly :) .
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I think, that they have more ways to spend this time in jolly manner )). But they are too tired, even try to take bed/beds behind their backs.
The Bray is looks sleepy as me, when I drawed him :)
I'm sorry, that the construction behind their backs looks not as you can identify this as two level bed. I failed the perspective mostly...
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It's alright :manhug: . Here's hoping the lemurs sweet dreams, then :nod: .
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I don't think that the lemurs are in this barocamera too. Possibly in backup in normal pressurized part of the submarine. In the barocamera can be Alice - the human girl/female, from another time (parallel world) .
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What's a barocamera ? Is it like a sealed section of a sub ?
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>> Is it like a sealed section of a sub
Yes, the submarine has a normal pressured part and sealed part with pressure, which can be equal to outer underwater pressure, which provides longer underwater activity for aquanauts, which quartered in it. Then an aquanauts are not need to waiting the decompression in water.
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