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Underwater explorations - meet with human diver

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Published: March 19, 2015
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The continuation of this series:

In the tunnels is a interdimensional portal and some living human cave diver (possibly female, with name Alice), comes into that world. She meets of that anthro creatures which investigate of the tunnels (we can see a one of them - the wallaby male Bray). Possibly they found that their communication signals are not very different, and come to an agreement in finding a way to the surface for further negotiations and recharging of the scuba gear.
Alice "says": "Me and you must going up!"
Bray "says": "OK!"

The Alice uses the sidemount rebreather system. Bray - uses advanced backmount rebreather system with cryogenic gases storage and bulk transparent "LAMA" helmet ( fav.me/d8i8ajw ).

Bray ~ "Legacy" comic from Kitfox-Crimson :iconkitfox-crimson:

art (c) WLynx - 2015 :iconwlynx:
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I guess underwater hand signals would be very similar for any species, so that makes sense.

Very nice! First time any of the characters is seen with a living human CX
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WLynxHobbyist General Artist
*I guess underwater hand signals would be very similar for any species, so that makes sense.*

Also, possibly, the lemurs watched on a human PADI lessons, or read a some books. Also the lemurs have a similar to human body and hands. So, they teached Bray on that signals.

*Very nice! First time any of the characters is seen with a living human CX*

I'm just thought, if in some anthro furry world a some ancient anthro dinosaur has come (in your "Restored Generation"), in another anthro furry world, which interested on ancient human civilization, a some human is able to come.
This Alice is not an ordinary human. Her father is one of the scientists of her world, which created a kit of "planetary adaptation vaccines". This vaccines kit is useful for space travelers, when they comes in some living worlds - and protects from indigenous sicknesses, radiation, atmospheric features, poison living forms etc. But that's not all. After using a some vaccine, some people become a something like an wereanimals (werecats, werewolves, etc., even "squids'!). Some of them were like a quadrupedal animals and some of them can be anthropomorphic. The Alice can be an anthropomorphic tigress by her own abilities (inner resources), and big quadrupedal (even winged!) one, when she uses a some external energy machine source (later "transformation machine"). Thus, she may do a further surprise for an aboriginals of your world.
I imagine that this
vaccine can be easily applied to lemurs and rats (because they are rather genetically close to human), but I have not an imagination in which specie they can to transform. Possibly, by using of the "transformation machine" they can to reach a human form, which may be bigger than they own ordinary sizes.
Thank you for the faving of this my drawing.:) Good luck!