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Underwater explorations -1

Previous ("-1") episode of my such drawing:
Underwater explorations

This drawing is "fanfiction" of "Legacy" comic from Australian painter Kitfox-Crimson :iconkitfox-crimson: .

*Clockwise from left top angle: Hookturn (lemur, male), Jayrunner (lemur, female), Brianna (numbat, female), Bray (wallaby, male)...* All characters are from Kitfox-Crimson.

art (c) WLynx - 2015 :iconwlynx:

In fact, I was planning to draw something different, but I'm rather lazy...
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© 2015 - 2021 WLynx
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Exploration trip on the Moon. =)
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I never thought about Moon ocean as the ocean. Some ocean may be on Titan or Europe)) At once I read some Sci-Fi story on which some diver suddenly used of some teleportation device came to Titan in it's ocean, but later found a way how return to Earth.
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another awesome piece! Does one of the lemurs have an iphone there? XD
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If I not mistaken - this lemur is Hookturn. And his device must be special designed for extreme underwater pressures (not as usual iPhone). But yes, he films something about their trip in this moment.
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Nice group shot ^W^ ! Looks like it could be a comic cover page :) !
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Really, I do not plan to draw a comic with this heroes yet. Because I have mine heroes set ...
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No problem :)!
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