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Space anthro bat Varia - colored

Colored version of this my drawing: .
Varia is genetically engineered anthro bat. She designed as space pilot with special abilities and has no natural wing membrane and long "wing" fingers. Her "shorted/normalized" fingers are more compact and flexible for space vehicles piloting. But her hands still long and for flying (converting into wings) can be upgraded by special gloves with strong carbon rods which can rotate in "open wings"("rods on") and "closed wings"("rods off") modes. In "rods off" mode she can use her all natural fingers as usual for piloting and in "rods on" mode - just first two fingers and partially the third finger. Also this system united with artificial wing membrane which can be replaced and even added to some space suits and environmental suits. With her artificial wings she can fly at the Moon gravity (inside of Moon stations with atmosphere and large tunnels) and at microgravity/freefall in spacecrafts if the atmosphere is inside of them. But outside of the vehicles and at weak atmosphere this wings also useful as additional solar cells andfor some art needs - for art photography - in which she is a model too. Now she is in a space suit for some piloting or Mars conditions. She can fly at her wings on the atmosphere of Earth too but formally like on a wingsuit and need some jet-pack for personal liftoff and landing. Because she is not very small - closer to human 7-10 years old human child - 135 cm height and less than 22-25 kg weight...

Varia the bat OC (c) :iconwlynx:
art (c) me :icomnwlynx: ~2018

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