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Just one '300-th'

"300-th" - so traditionally called a wounded military in post-Soviet countries.

She was young and rather idealistic anthro dog which wanted to come on some "crusader" war. Than, her dream was realized...
Her old APC was suddenly failure and she never come close to front-line in her first battle. The main part of her squad continue of their movement on another APCs, but her commander ordered her to do an APC repair and next coming to their future location. She started of the APC repairing with help of another two of her APC crew. But they newer seen of enemy's airdrone, which located of their (even hidden) APC. At the next moment an artillery shelling started. The APC was ruined and two who were under of it dead. She was on outer side of the APC and keep of her life, but obtained a lot injures of her body. Her left hand was cut off by big shell debris. For her luck, her torso was saved by armored jacked and she found a way to constrict of her injured left hand by some medical braid attached to it. She lost a lot of blood. For her luck a repairing crew, which come to evacuate of this damn APC funded her in short time. The right side of her body was seriously injured by shock-wave, fire and shell debrises, also contaminated. There was not way to keep her life without such amputation. Her right eye is under bound because it was a some surgery on it and but possible it will be able to see. Her right inner ear was also traumatized by shok-wave and was under repairing surgery. Now a some anthro tiger doctor (of just corpsman) strolls with her on wheelchair in some hospital garden and talks with her, if the need. But she is speechless now and thinking about her mistakes. The doctor says to her, that if she will be a rather luck, she may to obtain a some cybernetic prosthetic devices, and enable of a full life in future...
The war is not finished yet.

The next -->>

art (c) WLynx ~2015 :iconwlynx:
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