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Some concept of scene with Anni lynxy , on which she prepares her LAMA scuba gear for diving near a some training swimming pool. Also in this pool some other furry diver have a deal and uses of a LAMA gear.
LAMA is a scuba diving helmet system with spherical transparent helmet which has a lot of fans in Japan (because you can see a cute diveress face), and also is suitable for touristic diving, because a wide angle of view.
Also the aim for this drawing was to show a cross=sectional view of the swimming pool...

Anni lynx is female furry OC by me :iconwlynx: ~2017
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Nice detail to show some of the pipes and maintenance paths, too :3 .
 Anni'd better hurry, her friend must be waiting :3 .
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Really there are not only Anni and this diver here. Her friend, possibly, did this some of this shot. And they as baddies will plunge together. Also they use a rebreather-like systems with long time of underwater activity. So, that diver can wait them.
Thanks fro the faves :)!
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Aww, no bubbles :3 ... at least they have plenty of time for fun ^^ .
And you're welcome :D !
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>> Aww, no bubbles :3 

They also use a breathing mask under LAMA for reducing of a ventilation volume and connection to the rebreather circuit. This mask is not cover they eyes but cover mouth and nose and may be transparent. Also this reduces the vapor condensation on inner helmet surface. The pressure in helmet controlled by special pressured air inlet, which mounted in the hard collar of the gear as a backup/rescue mouthpiece.
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Yes, something like) but musk is transparent as helmet (like here… , but with "in" and  "out" inlets for tubes).
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I will to make some 3D model of this )
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