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Anthro Example 333

Most interesting for me anthro character modes)) (Female version)

From left to right:

"Anthro" - some sapient animal-like creature but with human abilities (like - rather huge brain, hands and main body shape) );

"Anthro in special suit" - anthro creature which used a special environmental suit for extreme conditions: underwater, space, ecological disaster (this gives to it something supernatural, makes more smart);

"Humanized anthro" - some human-like creature which has some key elements from base anthro - like hair style and color, recognizable face and body - but without animal muzzle, fur, tail and ears. If some anthro needs to disguise itself in humans society?

art (c) WLynx

This anthro female inspired by Sabrina from "Sabrina Online" web-comic but isn't really Sabrina.
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