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And to celebrate this incredible accomplishment of getting off my ass and doing things, I've extended WLP's holiday sale through January!…

Here's to a great 2014, all!
Peter is the Wolf book 2, both versions, now available for pre-order! Plus other new and discounted deals!…
This weekend the IndieGoGo project for Peter is the Wolf Book 2 made its base goal! Thanks VERY much, everyone!…

The project ends Sunday 11-24-2013, so if you still want to show support and get a few things, now's the last chance to get in on that!

Thanks again to all who donated, and keep your eyes out for more WLP crowdfunding in the future!
Well, I've still got an opening for the WLP room-share at A-Kon this year, in the con hotel. Anyone interested? I check in Thursday night, check out Monday morning, so the room is available for the whole convention.

It'll be a quiet room this year- no WLP room party- with some late-to-bed, early-to-rise stuff due to panels and running a dealer's booth.

So... how 'bout it?
If you're wondering why WLP hasn't done much new of late, here's a major reason:…

The last few months have been grim, sales-wise. We've asked you to buy, and now we're asking you to give.

I've got plans for several things, but without the money to do them it's kind of hard to even begin talking to people about making them happen.

Go read the linked article, please.