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conky for some players

By wlourf
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Conky displaying what rhythmbox is playing (but can be use for 17 other players).
The Ring is for elapsed time.
Colors can be changed (of course !)
Use scripts from kaivalagi and larryni, thanks !

Edit 07 oct.2011 : An excellent HowTo on Crunchbang Forums for editing the script for 18 various player :
with scripts from VastOne [link] Thanks a lot !

You can download the script from th link above.
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09 October 2011 - Added Exaile and Quod Libet to the mix for a total of 18 apps
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Great ! You will never stop ?!
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Many thanks mate :D
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added 12 players to this for a total of 16 including MPD and MoC
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thanks VastOne, really great scripts you've done
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Thank you wlourf.. I have had a blast working with this..

I have updated the tar with the latest and text.lua so we should be up to speed on all versions
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no idea, sorry :-(
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(process:11619): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
Using the fallback 'C' locale.

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no idea, sorry !
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Looks great :)
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thanks, I just update the tar file with modifications to your script : it can now catch art cover from vlc (online art-cover, not embedded art-cover in ID3 tag ... for the moment)
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Could you make something for totem? I usually prefer to use that as my media player, but since I can't find a script for conky, I just use rythembox. If you can add totem support, that would be great! Also one of the nicer media scripts that I've seen so far.
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Hello, I wrote a minimalistic plugin for totem : [link]
If you plan to use it, I can easily update this script for displaying totem info.
Just try the plugin and we can discuss about it on the conky mega-thread ;-)
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Alright. I'll try it out when I go into Ubuntu later. Thanks
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merci merci, thanks for favs too !
script is updated for amarok, enjoy
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Ahhh love it !!!
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Another nice one...
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WoW excellent !

Je vais tester ça.
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excellent script ... and excellent album too :D
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