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Just Plain Clean (Date and Time Plugin)

A simple Date / Time Plugin for Rainmeter!

Hello; This is my first Plugin i've created for Rainmeter, therefore any feedback would be nice! Still new to all this so if anything is not working let me know! Thanks.



1.01: Moved the time to stop the weekday text overlapping with the time.

1.1: Added 3 new colours (Black, White and Gray). Moved Date down a little.

1.2 Fixed Display bug with date.

1.3 Removed invisible box

2.00: Added 12 hour and 24 clock
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download link is not working

just refresh your browser. It should work then.

thank you :D

awsome plugin..thanks


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Very simple and to the point! Gj for your first rainmeter plugin! The gray color helps with a slideshow wallpaper thing i've got going on :P
Hi random person, this might make me a little stupid but am I supposed to get this plug in on my wallpaper? I've used a computer for years this makes me feel stupid..lMAO
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Hello other random person, this date and time plugin you're looking at is to be used with a program known as Rainmeter, which you can get here:…
Good luck!
Hey! :D
Cool feature! Just wanted to ask where the file for the date is. And before I start to try out: Can you change the language?

Thanks in advance
How can I change the font?
Hi Wloski-b !

Is there a way to change the region and have the name of the day in an other language ?
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For some reason [I blame the day], this makes me think of that Bison quote from the Street Fighter movie:
"...But for me, it was just Tuesday"

Looks pretty good
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Is there a way to change it from 24 hour clock to a 12 hour clock? I am a dummy!  anyway this is just what I needed, something clean and simple, thanks!
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I've updated the file, there is now a 24 hour and 12 hour clock within two different folders.
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Great style :D Where can I find the wallpaper?
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hey got another bug (i think) for ya, the y on Monday seems to be clipped off, just wondering if you had the same problem as well
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Not sure why thats happening to you, mine is fine but i've removed the invisible box for now (1.3)
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it's fine now, it might be something on my end though

Thanks anyway!
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