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I saved some steps when painting for the friends who are interested in my painting style. Thanks!
final image:

Other tutorial:
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This is a HUGE step in helping to figure out your style. I love how organic it is and yet how polished it looks at the same time.

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Thank you for sharing your work with us, I'm glad you share your steps! <B I've been a quiet watcher. XD
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Thanks for inspiration and guidance.
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I am really glad of your tips and advices on your magnificient work. It's really helpful and informative!
Incredibly magnificent! 
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Wow I hope i can try out digital art soon *-* i really want to improve and create things out of nothing like you do, just with my mind. I should restrain my excitement so i wont get disappointed of myself later then xD start from the bottom
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thanks WLOP ! i loves your painting style >_<
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<3 I love it! I shall try it out, i hope i get better from this with time :D
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This is amazing! :)
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this looks supercool!
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This is an excellent tutorial to try out, thank you!
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Simple creations like these can indeed teach me more than I thought. Thanks, wlop!
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More helpful than most video tutorials Iv'e seen, thanks a lot
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This tutorial makes our day!! Thanks a millon!!! :happybounce: 
Love the process
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What brush do you use?
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I don't know if you are a man or a woman, but I love you.
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Thanks for sharing! Grey hu...
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Thank you for making these, these really helps :)
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This is just what I needed:  color advice!  Thank you!
I do have one question:  I always work in lots of layers because I'm afraid of messing up everything and running out of undos :/  Do you work in layers or all in one big layer?  And if you use layers, what blending modes usually?
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Hello! I knew it's late.. I am just going to help you answer, based on what I saw on her speed painting..
At first she usually use 3 layers, sketch, bg, color(greyscale). And after that she merge all the layers to become one.
If she's afraid things could go mess up, she copy the layer. since, in photoshop you only have little chance to undo.
If things get messed up, she return to the layer she copied before.

And for blending modes, in photoshop she only used varied type of brush with low opacity..

That's what I knew :3

I hope it helps!
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