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a scene in my dream
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Ahora explicame tú como diablos haces esto jajaja
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whow! dragonlike
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love your drawings keep up the good work!
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Semms it was a cool dream. :)
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I've had a dream exactly like this. the next scene I was jumping onto a black dragons neck to fly from a tower not far from here.
this almost made me cry thinking of the emotion of that dream.
its beautiful
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Your dreams must be really something because this picture...just amazing Love 
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Incredible. Thank you Dragon's tIL 
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You're an amazing artist, and we love this dragon picture!

We've added it as our dragon picture of the day on our dragons blog,
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We have similar dreams.

The dragons always chase me.
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Amazing, I love the transparency of the wings.
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Y u asians so creative?!
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I just got shivers up my spine. Amazing! I wouldn't mind having a dream like that.
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You must have some wicked awesome dream.... o.O
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yeah,strange dreams :D
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Incredible! I love how it looks like a real painting!
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Your dream was very similar to mine last night!!

I love the detail you've put into this!
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Wow, I want your dreams! Really cool perspective, and I love the bright sky and dark buildings, and of course the freaky dragon!
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Those trucks don't really fit into the scenery I think. ^^ You've obviously some very innovative dreams. xD Great painting, all your paintings are awesome!
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