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more practice on portrait.

The original file an

d painting process video will be provided to supporters on my

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Damn, that art was dope, great job kaomoji set 1 3/19

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I'm not sure if you want people to let you know about these things, but found your picture on another site with the "mark" cut off. They put your name as a tag on the side, but I felt like you should know; 
Sorry if you didn't, but there are quite a few pictures of yours on there, that are cropped.  Sweating a little... 
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Beautiful.  Glad their are still artist who understand that art is the process of communication. A plague of curses on all NEA prostitutes.
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Hey guys, if you're interested in wlop's art, check out her web comic Ghostblade. It's based off of Aeolian and Lan (the girl in the picture).
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Great for a lesbian partner! xox
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The moment she looks at you, you immidiately find yourself in a huge soap bubble and there's just no way setting boots on the sweet safe ground:D Gorgeous:)
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Yes to last post! 4K version please!
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Would you ever considering selling this as a print? Genuinely an amazing piece; this is what made me Patreon to you :)
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I found this featured in a youtube video for AK & Veela's Digital Angel. I think the song fits well with your art
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I want to do it), I do not know, from what to begin this way(
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Your outstanding art work was featured in my recent journal.…

I am forever your fan. Thank you for the beauty and imagination you bring into this world. Please do not stop creating.
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my desktop wallpapers said thank u dawn2
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I'm in love with the eyes!!!
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Wow, I love everything you make.
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Love this, really innocent looking
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