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Yuna & Tidus

4k wallpaper, original file, brush set and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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Is there a print of this available somewhere?

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Just reminds me of when i first played the game hated it so much but loved the story so i went to youtube on my parents pc and watch the cutscenes
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Brought a tear to my eye. 
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Such an awesome picture! Sure does bring back some tear-jerking memories.
This is so awesome! I'm a huge Final Fantasy X fan and this is just perfect!
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This is my favourite Yuna and TidusHuggle! Heart Heart Heart 
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这图叫‘Yuna‘。 是从一个电子邮件来的,叫“Final Fantasy 10“或”FFX“。
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I love their facial expression
This is a little plain. I'm kind of disappointed considering the excellence in your other work. The Yuna Tidus relationship in FFX is my favorite story emotionally and it seems like you didn't get a similar experience.
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I love this. Most underrated game in the entire series.
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Beautiful ❤️
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breaks my heart, so gorgeous
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way to break my heart out of nowhere, jerk! Beautiful but oh! such sad memories :'(
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I will never ever forget this game...
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Totally awesome picture!

Never played the game, but if it produces material for
videos like… ,
it must be amazing!
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this hurts me in a good way 
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