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I want to download the picture how can anyone answer
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You can’t. The artist does not allow it so you can‘t
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I enjoy how you capture the emotional side of the character. :D
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Being poor, I am rich of admiration. Sincere congratulations.
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Your pictures tell stories! I love her expression too; very expressive
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Alright, I like this one. I assume she's listening to her inner demons
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Her eyes! Oh my god - OMG So amazing!
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too beautiful for words. and the title is just perfect.
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I don't know the story behind this series of art pieces. Why is she always mopey?
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I mean she is just like that
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oh she has a story? great! :D
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Yeah, the artist posted the link in one of his artwork so I decided to give it a shot and then I just read everything :D
The story and the characters are really interesting, my favorite one is Lenia :D
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How can you did?
 GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle 
Inexplicable, sublime
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I am French, so sorry, I am not very strong! ^^ ' I find your really sublime creations, they are magnificent and I wanted to inquire about the software which you use. I would really like to know which is software, if possible:) thank you.

In any case, you have a crazy talent!
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I believe it is Photoshop (:
All of these are so beautiful! I wish I had your talent.
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This is so amazing and I feel as if it tells so much of a story while still being shrouded in mystery. I stare at this piece and wonder what's going on, who is who, what is being whispered, etc. I just can't get enough of this!
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