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We were angels

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We were angels.

I'll provide 
brush set and full normal speed video process on my
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i still couldnt finish ghostblade-is this blood?

Is there some lore behind the pick?

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where can i find the most uptodate ghostblade chapters?

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Which chapter is it?

dnaa -13 
Would there be like a time limit on how long Yan can be apart from the necklace then?? Bc rmb that one comic where she gave her necklace to save that one child and reunite her with her mother? She didn't have her necklace for the night till Ghostblade returned it to her the next morning. So I was wondering maybe there's a certain time limit on how long Yan can be separated from her necklace till her wings are unsealed??
...That looks Painful.
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All wonderful. Your art is Art. And I waaant to read the next Ghostblade chapters !!
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i think i'm figuring out the lore...Yan's an angel but her wings are sealed...probably the necklace is the key...shes one of the angels mentioned in her dream, Yulia and guessing her name is Yulia..…
Her sister has a golden hair probably Sarlia...
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Holy snap, I never had linked these ideas together before, you might not be 100% right (so many amazing plot twists in Ghostblade) but you must be damn close
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But she's still wearing her necklace
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Omg... I've never seen their wings this way after "the fall". This is amazing
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she's Ice Princess???
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When will the new chapter of ghostblade come out? Gosh I really want to read the book. All the pictures just get me more curious!!!!! Waaaah! 
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What the freaking fuck ! so cool c:
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Is this part of the reason why everyone is so mean to the ice princess?
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This is wonderful! It evokes so many emotions!
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I can remember the metallic taste of blood in my mouth as I see what's left of her wings :( 
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I must say your style is really beautiful it is so loose and some places are tight.....really amazing.
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