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Warrior - World of Warcraft

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Draenei warrior, 
commissioned by DeviantArt for Blizzard. Super excited when getting this commission, I have been a WoW player for many years, warrior is always my favorite class. Still remember how thrilled I am when the first time my character got Titan's grip skill!
By the way, just a little test, can you name all the weapons in the background of this image? It won't be difficult if you are an old wow player. Full of memory on each of them, isn't it? 
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Badass beauty. 😍👌

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Did someone say [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]? 😂
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Beautiful. Very great art!

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it looks awsome i will put on my desktop like a wallpaper|

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Magnificent work!  :heart:

Outside great pieces of artwork like this, I know less than nothing about World of Warcraft.
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Absolutely amazing <3
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This looks awsome 
Great work!
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This piece is just fantastic! Is that the glow of her swords illuminating the left side of her face?
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I think the red glow is coming from the swords yeah, and the other side of the face has the light coming from the sun. I love how the low saturation really makes the light colors pop out!
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A great artpiece! always loved the female draenei models and this one shows how badass they can be :)
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Reminds me of my Draenei days in WoW, although I was a hunter. I really like the atmosphere, painting style, and illuminated, almost magma-like swords. The face and pose is captured well too!
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Nice! Playing wow too for many years now, excited for next xpac!

For the Horde tho!
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Don't know the game, this is amazing!!!
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ooh you have an incredible art style!
congrats on getting recognized by Blizzard!
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Ashkandi, shadowmourne, frostmourne, I believe armageddon? The others i do not recognize :) nice work
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calamatys edge and blade of the pheonix prince? i think thats the last ones, but no frostmourne (sadly, not equipable)
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Hmm... Apolyon, Shadowmourne, Twinblade of the Phoenix, Cataclysm's Edge, Ashkandi, Armageddon. Do I get a prize?
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