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Violet Evergarden 2


4k wallpaper, original file, brush set and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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ngon phết nhở

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i really love how you did draw her hair and the metalic hand looks good.

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So beautiful. 😍

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Gorgeous work! She reminds me of Artoria Pendragon with that hair style. I'll need to check out that anime.

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Beautiful, just as you'd expect from wlop :D

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Hello ^^ I really like this picture :3 great work :D

I drew it too if you wanna checkout :D

Your picture really inspired me to try out a new style :D thanks you very much!

[FanArt] Violet Evergarden
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I really like this anime! Love seeing some fanart! <3

This is freaking awesome.

Spectrum of Emotions The contrast of (what looks like) mediums is breathtaking, and it mimics her personality, as she very much *is* a delicate lady; but is constantly reminded that she is neither delicate nor a true lady.

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The most artistic picture of Violet yet OwO

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Your work is good.
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Such a great piece of art for such a great show!
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man your artwork is damn fantastic
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This is so awesome I just had to login and praise this piece of art! 
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Currently my wallpaper and one of my favourite pieces.
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The color and shading is exquisite.  Absolutely breathtaking. 
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love this anime
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Beautiful ;u;
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I love this!! AAAAAAAAA  Robu by Emoji-kun  
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I remember this anime💜
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OwO how? Apart from that its cool I personaly love that anime tbh
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