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4k/8k wallpaper, original file, brush set and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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I just noticed that she is the same Woman as in...
  Execute by wlop   Chaos by wlop   Sarlia by wlop  
( Recognizable with the red jewel necklace she also carries into battle.
 Now the red jewel Pixel gemstones - Ruby  which kinda reminds me of the blue Jewel Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine Yan wears all the time. Im so gonna bet they are sisters. ;) )

Is there a reason she has no Wings when the servants are taking off her battle gear? Curious 
Appart from being easier too draw maybe? :D ( Yeah I am thinking of such possibilitys. )
                      The Winged Race seems adapt in all kinds of neat Magic.
Maybe there is one surpressing their own Wings also just for more practical indoor use?
Imagine sleeping with such giant knockers. I am a dummy!

But I like the size pretty much. Wings on a Humanoid needs to be big.
We have got no light bones like birds and look how big their wings are. B-)
" But this is fantasy! The laws of physics must not necessarily be- "
well I just think of realistic things very often. Meow :3 

The angle on the right side of the king is called Sirigar. She was the strongest warrior of the Feathered people.

DunkleMaterie's avatar
I wonder if we will ever see Angel characters in the actual story. B-)
They are an essential part of the plot after all.
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Holy shit, this is awesome!
Fiorentino's avatar
Beautiful. This reminds me Oscar Chichoni work:…

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asfaloth12's avatar
I love your style!    Great job on this and thank for sharing :)
MigFray's avatar
OMG, looks like Diovɑnɑ Königsreuter
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salmon heart bullet pink heart salmon heart bullet   amazing
HammerinInkminer's avatar

...different angles,..  ...different vantage points,..  ...interesting looking unique characters, and everything always looks good.  you clearly are one of the best on this site, if not the best overall artist on here -- well done.
DunkleMaterie's avatar
I think he is the best in aspect of sheer beauty.
 This style with people not having a thin black outline is very pretty.
Unkn0wnfear's avatar
Do you base your faces after various models? All the elf girlys you draw are some of the cutest I've ever seen.
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I love the painterly look of this piece! 
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Do you offer your Brush settings for download please ?
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why this remind me a bit Dark Souls 3, where fire keeper try to make knight who sacrificing himself to save fire for the world :| TOOO MUCH DS3 </3 
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One of my favorite pieces of work you’ve done. I’m so impressed! I may just buy it as a print!
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Perfect as always=)
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Who is  a twin sister of  Pale?
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very great artwork

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All you're art is so beautiful. However, throughout all the art I would love more art of Leina.

But besides that.. this is so amazing.
You have true skill.
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