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The Kings

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"Very well, Saber. Some things are beautiful precisely because you cannot attain them".

Favorite version of Stay Night, and one of my favorite moments of it. Gilgamesh is best.

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Fate Grand Order ? :333
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KlugdunumHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, it looks so like a Korean drama. But the extremly realistic and anime style of the picture really is incredible!
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LordArcheronVolistadHobbyist General Artist
Definitely some of the best Fate Stay Night art I've seen in... since smartphones were invented, I guess. This is God-tier. 
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One of my favorite scenes from the Fate/Stay Night anime. Beautiful!
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You did such an brilliant job overall! Yeah so so stylish for reals! I'd love it if you did more but hey that's up to you really!
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KimkahMakaraProfessional General Artist
:D <3
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"The things we can't obtain are the most beautiful ones."
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TraintorHobbyist Photographer
this is the ultimate .............REJECTION :sluglove: La la la la :happybounce: 
BUNBUNBUNNHobbyist General Artist
where is rider
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naziaasmatProfessional Digital Artist
really nice work..well done 
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This is Gilgamesh from the OVA, where he wasn't the textbook definitions of a self absorbed ass-hole. In the OVA, he was still an ass-hole, but a reasonable respectable one.
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So, his caster form?

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Grace-ZedHobbyist General Artist
Lovely work! Pink Heart Icon 
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salyssongHobbyist General Artist
Arthuria is the best girl.
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Much of the fate adaptions make the mistake of portraying Gilgamesh as a solely bad guy in a sort of traditional black and white way to make things more attractive to people who don't know the original story, which they can't fit into a show since it's too complex. Gilgamesh is the first hero to ever exist and he is very dissapointed with the current world. What people fail to understand is that he doesn't just view the world as his possession, but he views it as an unworthy possession and that is where his sadistic characteristics come from. What's nice about this scene is that all of that is dropped, as Saber is the last thing he still consideres beautiful in the world.
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In sum: He's an asshole that wants to tear humanity apart so he can rule more easily. This egomaniac only ever ruled a nascent civilization, which means he can't ever rule over 7 billion people unless he reduces the world back to the stone age. He's a textbook "divine tyrant", and the best part of any Fate route is watching him getting his arse handed to him.

Also, I've researched the original myth, and this guy was a total asshole even in real life. He's the proto-Caligula and literally the inventor of Druit du Seignur (basically the monarch's right to rape a virgin in her honeymoon before returning her to her actual husband).

If anything, Enkidu should be considered "The First Hero" because he was created specifically to make Gilgamesh less of a dick.
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You seem to know a lot about the original story. I've been trying to get my hands on the Visual novels for a while, but i don't know where to start nor where to get them legally or pirated. Can you help with that?
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I can't help you with VN sources but this scene was also in the 2006 anime (Fate/stay night by studio DEEN) which for all it's flaws followed a route later FSN anime haven't portrayed - I would recommend giving it a go to get a fuller picture of events and characters in the Fate universe
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When he is with Enkidu he is much more stable right? (Still can't forgive him for encouraging Kirei and planning genocide though)
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