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Sylvanas vs Anduin  -  battle for azeroth

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hoho these porn introductions are getting weirder:D

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Why the hell sylva got naked for?!
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Not sure if you've seen this, but someone has posted your art on their acct: Wallpaper Video With Sound Download Link Below (59 by below2040
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She's his mother.
oooh, I'd love to see Anduin in your style
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I got this artwork at Anime revaluation a few weeks back! I love it so much, for the Horde~! Pixel Horde flag - Gif 
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Where did half of her armor go?
What are you talking about? She's wearing her high-mobility gear for PVP. You have to wear the armor that gives the best stat boost for that. ;)
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Of all the beautiful Warcraft characters you can over-sexualize, I noticed most of the fandom picks the one that's a dead chick. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with sexy characters, but... the dead one?
I think it's primarily because like vampires she doesn't exactly look like she's undead. If she had features more in line with the rest of the Forsaken it'd probably be a different story, but as it is right now she has the "wow, she looks like a Dark Elf" vibe rather than the "wow, she looks like a corpse" vibe.

Also, with the introduction of Azerite, unless I'm wrong, I have a sneaking suspicion that she may not remain undead for the entirety of the expansion, but we'll have to wait and see for that.
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Still, I perfetly understand the double point of Kiarorin.

First, the armor. This picture is amazing and the impression of deadly menace perfectly present. This isn't, my opinion, subject to the discussion. But this kind of over (really, over) sexualized "armor" is kind of ridiculous. If you put in in a Conan style of world, or the Mars of John Carter, it is understandable (the heat, the sun and the imagery of only the body, belonging to the more or less realistic antiquity).
I know that especially Korean fantasy tends to brings a maximum of nudity, but in Warcraft... She is an elve from the forest, a ranger, and a warrior. And no one who has tried to walk into a forest of took just one lesson of fencing agrees to the complete nudity, which is the case here.

More, Sylvanas is presented as a banshee, so... a ghost (Warcraft 3).
Banshee by Klugdunum Here, she is -since a while- a corpse wearing an "armor". So, the "vampire transformation" isn't really present normally. And basically, her armor should be a ghostly one, a representation of the one she wore at her death. Her, she is a goddess of death incarnated in a bikini. So quite twisted from the origin of the charcter....

So, second, the ghost is much more the manifestation of love (with all the eternal regrets), than desire. As for the "hot and dark girl", WOW is filled with such characters, so why Sylvanas ?

Can't blame Kiaorin to bring his/her doubts on the matter, really !

And anyway, the artist did'nt tried to differ from the model in the last cinematic. And did it incredibly well...
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Yeah, maybe the Azerite might be able to restore undead? If that's the case, maybe she'll get her conscience back.
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The supreme irony...After all the crap she pulls, Azerite makes her a living High Elf...and thus enemy of her own people.
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I'm just wondering why Blizzard thought it would be a good idea to make her Warchief. I'm not a Sylvanas-hater. I like Sylvanas, but she does NOT represent the Horde well. I think Saurfang or Baine Bloodhoof would have been the better choices. 
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I'm more annoyed they killed VOLJIN...We just had him for one expansion and BOOM! He's gone the next xpac...WHY?
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She is my favorite Warcraft character. Another flawless job :)
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How magnificent can she be? 

*Astonished* *_*
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So she returned to her Striptease Outfit? :XD:
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I love the giant size of her 🙂 awesome job
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