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This face... ♥ Wonderful!

You just made the best girl . Congrats

Chronokidd's avatar

You always amaze me with your stunning art...

berlonipepponi's avatar

A truly heart-warming smile.

ThatOnePerson2027's avatar

This one is amazing!!!

PreethiRock's avatar

I am inspired with this art :nod: and I tried to create this art in my style,.. :happybounce:

Anime Smile
KjellArchitect's avatar

I bet Yan's gonna make her smile wider some day ;P

Canadragon's avatar

Like the tone and textures that you use in your artwork. Great job with this portrait.

love the little smile, a bit like mona lisa, the corners of the moth, gg

AOGRAI's avatar

Love the eyes

LividMarten08's avatar

I see the Mona Lisa

BasilFriedChicken's avatar

but she has nice eyebrows

Melnyya's avatar
Can you draw Tanya Von Degurechaff please?
VentusRogue's avatar

Flipping gorgeous!

Crescenti-C's avatar

Your art always takes my breath away. I’ve been seeing so many copycat artists using your art style and I think it’s truly disrespectful to you and your hard work.

Entraya's avatar

i dont think its disrespectful, guys got tutorials up and if people try to imitate the style they might learn new digital art techniques for incorporating beautiful light into what might become their own style one day and then we'll all have more digital art to enjoy because you -cant own art styles-

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kuroneko0003's avatar
Nice smile i love the way u use brush strokes to define hair and dresses with minimalistic strokes but greater impact on visual. LIke your style alot and also trying to learn this impacting way to define things .
faeriecrow's avatar

This is so pretty! I love your use of color contrast and all the fine details you put into this piece

i can finally see her close up

abdelhadiarts01's avatar

niiice art i like it

jfcIAmBins's avatar

looks beautiful

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