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Speed Concept painting
Slum of Kingdom Haiqin
Ice Princess 3 by wlop
sob by wlop
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The sense of sound, smell and movement you create is superb.
Great work.
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How do you make such broad strokes have so much detail?!!
did you work in the concept art of Guild Wars 2?
EndlessBlueOcean's avatar
How do you make random blobs look like people? :( so unfair xD
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There are actually people who can paint like this!
FAYAKAMA's avatar
Fascinating. Thank you Lugia.gif DevianART icon 
I love the perspective, great use of color and repetition too.
titaniumwinter's avatar
its so dynamic. excellent.
Koogleblitz's avatar
when looking at it closely, it seems  unpolished yet so realistic. that is intriguing. this has got to be my favorite speed painting
corvusandmaverick's avatar
Love your work, so much. Do you have a particular favorite brush set? 
Gin-Zura's avatar
Wow this is beautiful :)
KstEpt's avatar
Reminds me assassins creed  great work!!!!!
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I would love to play an open world video game in this art style. It would be fantastic. Amazing work.
Emi-Neko-chan's avatar
Really interesting, how did you paint this ? o.o
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Great angle - it definitely shows the size of the place while making the viewer feel like a participant in the environment.
TFSakon's avatar
It has a good quality of the overwhelming bustle of a city.
LJMPhotography's avatar
Wow! You are amazing!
Septagrus's avatar
i love scenes like this so much!!!
the lighting is incredible!
this is just awesome on so many levels!
TheJDuke's avatar
what tools do you use for lighting effects?
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