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One of my all time favorites ^_^

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you such a fire 🔥☺️

J'ai vu l'image, je me suis dit : oh c'est si beau, et quel talent.

J'ai zoomé, et là, j'ai vu le bas de l'image. Ca m'a fait un de ces chocs ! Bien joué, j'aime beaucoup !

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Breathtaking!!! :clap:

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Absolutely beautiful!!

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That background is pretty metal
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Absolutely adore your art style. Very original and beautiful!

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Whosoever is without sin shall pelt the first stone!

I clicked on this and was thinking, "What a beautiful picture of Yan." Then I scrolled down and saw the lower half of the image. Yikes!

When I see thumbnail: 😊

When I see the full picture: ... 😰

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Impressive subject matter, and impressive execution. A+!

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Wow. Breathtakingly beautiful. Soul moving and meaningful. Perched precariously on the edge

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This is absolutely breathtaking, the amount of details , it’s incredible! Your arts are so inspiring!

we want a character with curly hair!
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Great as always, but what about your comic, Ghostblade?

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IKR i just read the whole thing in one sitting and I want the full thing *cries*

I have always loved wlop's art but when I realized there was comic B-)

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