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By wlop
2b from Nier:automata,  glory to mankind!

The original file and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my

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This silence have the melody after we saw her story of the world.

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As a violinist, I'm VERY pleased with the accuracy of this pose... so many crazy wild depictions of violinists out there, it's refreshing to see someone get it right!
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Here thanks to NightBlue3 who linked your DA and i must say i love your artstyle :)
Hey wlop, I recently discovered you and your work. By god, you are an amazing artist. I love your style and design. 
I have a question, if I purchase this canvas printing (gallery wrapped 24*36). Most of the money should go to you. I wanna support your work and would for you to continue what you do.

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Good Greif that's a lot of points!
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Thanks for holding the instrument correctly
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Damn yes play that 🎻
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- They Played Us Like A Damn FIDDLE!!
I honestly teared up upon seeing this.
Been searching for NieR Automata art for some time now, and this-
I'm speechless.
The emotions in this, I'm stunned, and honored,
that I'm alive and allowed to witness such,
as I'd call it,
real beauty.

Thank you
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omg amazing La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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This is the best 2bB art i even seen
one day, I will write thousands of fucking good novels and ask for you to draw all the covers.

Inspiring as well. Beautiful work. Bravo.!!!
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Masterfully done.
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Beautiful. You are so beyond talented.
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Dramatically good.
I need to get back to this game. 
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please teach me? i want to paint just like you
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you have a unique style
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I am a dummy! this art!!! 
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Hey, if I comment praise do I have to buy it?
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