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January 8, 2021
Shine2 by wlop
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Gotta say, the feet you do are really beautiful draw.

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Gently, tenderly she stroked the long brown hairs of the lion's main as deep warm smile slowly formed upon her angelically flawless face. "Custodia Regis", the Queen's guard was no mere lion. He was an elemental of the land. Bound to the Queen's royal bloodline.

Many a wicked hand had tried to claim her life...

...all had fore-fitted their own at the claws of the elemental.

Her gratitude knew no limits and her fondness for the elemental grew only stronger with each passing day...

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Hello, this is a superb drawing :) , but Aeolian does not deserve to sleep next to a beast, the smell is too strong ! ;)

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Very beautiful.

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Amazing , so real

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why are the toes the focal point lol

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Amazing painting, the detail is stunning.

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I absolutely LOVE this piece. Very emotional. And she is so attractive. Pink Heart Icon

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The painting of the female is in my opinion a great artistic achievement on your part, well done. There is not only excellent figure painting and accurate proportions, in addition the expression of the woman evokes heart felt expression and emotion.

I am confused on a couple of things in this total composition. Why are the details in the lion not so apparent, instead like a blender blurred application? What seems to me would make this part stand out is applying fine details of the hair covered skin surface of the lion with the female softly brushing against that surface. This might create a graceful expression of connection between the two. Again you may have painted the lion this way to create a stronger observing eye attraction to the female focal point of the composition?

The other thing I might ask a question about is the mirror reflection. If appears to me that the female reflection in the mirror is slightly off and should be tilted a bit lower. Again, you may have done this on purpose to relay some type of expressive message that I do not understand.

Once again excellent artwork, you have great potential.

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The audience seems to approve. For good reason.

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This is beautiful. I get somewhat Disney Jasmine and her tiger vibes from this, was that the intention? It's very cool regardless!

How much for a digital copy?

il est excellent

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perfection! :O

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On first glance, I thought she was sitting on a couch. The lion jumped out at me! It was a delightful surprise. Well done! Incredible composition

I must have a print. Please sell me one.

It was a long time before I noticed the lion.

Just one look and then my heart went boom.

Really beautiful......I too love that feeling of being a little mesmerised by the beauty in an image like this. Provoking and absolutely lovely.

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congratulations! love your works :love:

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So atmospheric! very cool!

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This is an absolutely beautiful piece. I can't remember the last time I was so taken with an artistic image. Wow! Congratulations!

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