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Character in my indie comic GhostBlade,  angel Princess Sarlia!

Support me on creating my indie comic

As rewards, you will get: 
> full size image 
> PSD file with steps in different layer, and brush set 
> HD, normal speed process video

Read my indie comic Ghostblade:
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oh yiss! this confirms it! Yan is Yulia!
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heyyy its yan's sister right 😂 then yan is yulia? (i dont think thats a spoiler im just guessing from yan's dream :P)
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I love Valkyries by far the coolest mythical beings. I know this isn't a Valkyrie, but still looks close enough to me. 
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11k favorites? seriously?..
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I don't see anything wrong with that. It's not exactly favorable for me, but if people like it that much, so what?
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amaaazing design, can't wait for her to show up in the comics *-*
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OMG OMG OMG it's amazing
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protect Your hips
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Woah, she looks badass!
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Hey, would you mind if i used this art for a project i'm working on? 
I would credit you of course. 
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oh my god. this is just gorgeous. all of the detail that you put into this is amazing, and on top of that, the lighting and coloring is beautiful! this looks almost real to me.. wow
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she looks so stunning wow Tanaka Happy Icon 
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Beautiful, I love that weapon too.
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simply stunning design :heart:
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your art is AMAZING..would you be interseted in a comission to do the album cover for my band GIDEONS MOB upcoming album? we have a specific idea of what we want and we think you would be great.. contact me here with your fees for comission work! thanks!
omg, i remember sarlia from a chapter in Ghostblade! This really help solve multiple mysteries :)
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This was nice.... 
I bet you liked the tv series Dominion.
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