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I'll provide full size 8k image without watermark and normal speed video process on my

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Sure the girl is nice but those buildings are HAWT

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I would add this music to complete this masterpiece:…
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How do people draw that good anyways?

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Define "good" - I mean, it is not detailed- look at those soldiers, their fingers are just one color-junks, her costume does not have any amazing folds. Just some detail on the shadows and the reflection of the helmet gives you the immersion. 
To answer your question: practice.
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It's very detailed, its insanely hard to draw without any "good details" as you stated. This art is a masterpiece for its low yet high detail.

Also; the shading, lighting, background, and skin is very detailed. The fingers are not "one color-junks", they are low effort but the angle is not very easy to draw, plus they have shading too.

WLOP is a very talented artist. Their art is insanely good, it might not fit in your definition of good, but his works too everyone else are. He is well known for his low-detail in some aspects. but that's his style. The knights whenever they are with Yan have the same shading, because, i don't know, its metal??? and that's what metal looks like?? Sure he didnt color the fingers, or shade the dress with high detail, but he sure as hell did the skin and background. Also the dress does have amazing folds, there are plenty of corsets that have a similar look to that.

just because you prefer insane blending, where everything needs to be detailed, and brag about how many hours your drawing took, doesnt mean that this drawing isnt good. Its an AMAZING drawing. The metal is a style, the dress is a style. WLOP has many styles for different things, and doesnt make things look repetitive. Thats whats good about his art, it isnt repetitive.

Tho where am i to talk? Im just some low artist who doesnt put over 100 hours into a drawing. Sorry man
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wooooow so beautifull
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how pretty and beautifull!
Absolutely incredible!
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Hey guys, if you're interested in wlop's art, check out her web comic Ghostblade. It's based off of Aeolian and Lan.
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You really inspire me, you're my favorite artist on this site and I watch your youtube speed paints <3
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I'm going to help you on Patreon with this one
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Awwwww, here he is again! QwQ 
Ah, there's the princess as well as her personal bodyguard knight from, "Guard."  He looks most formidable and loyal, and I like the addition of a second knight to her protective entourage...  love your attention to detail on the plates and segments of these knights' armors.  And, it appears the princess is amongst loyal supporters as compared to her situation in, "Guard."  She has a literal armored sea of warriors prepared to do her bidding.

You do a wonderful job of capturing the vastness in your backgrounds...  in this piece, her warrior legion seems to stretch forever.  The majesticness of the kingdom's structures is most impressive.

Thanks for sharing!
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Beautiful art as always would love a more detailed look at the knight on the right
wonderful just wonderful
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what a nice work!!!
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Amazing Work :O
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