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another speed, hope you like...
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Reminds me of Guts from Berserk.
great work.
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Beautiful, looks like Guts like everyone else said. Who is this?
ok I'm not the only one who mistook this for Guts at first. but I do have a request, you should make an art piece of The Eclipse from berserk, that would be cool
XIII07's avatar
I agree, totally looks like Guts, but just the fact that he wouldn't pray makes it another person :)
Canard-Pars's avatar
He may pray to a loved one that died.there's that...
XIII07's avatar
I wouldn't think so ;)
MusicDrag0n's avatar
Thank you for doing art for ShadowEra, it is just amazing to play my favourite game while looking at my fav artiest's work
MightyKnightRaven's avatar
Wow! This is amazing! I love it!!! <3
kamgeforce's avatar
doubt thats Guts, praying is literally the last thing he would do
PunkMikeTaylor's avatar
I guess it's not Guts BUT he really looks like him!!! Love it!!! xD
xangreigor's avatar
Best, GUTS, EVER!!!
kancutboy's avatar
just like from ragnarok charater,... job as defender.. im i right???
SimpleProdigy's avatar
reminds me of the anime/manga Beserk, nice work
Pray it makes one strong
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it looks like the improvisation this wallpaper from Ragnarok [link]
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He really looks like Guts. I wish maybe one day you'll paint someone who looks like a Griffith?

A Griffith painting from you will be amazing, I'm sure!
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You can really feel the solemnity coming from this picture. I think that is the best part about it. :clap:
woow he looks like guts from berzerk
jmmm i'm not the first one that say that about berserk xD, really cool
GodlyPerf3ction's avatar
whoa i REALLY like this amazing painting !! :nuu:
he looks like Gutz Berserk!!!

Nice painting
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This looks good. Is that frost on his eyebrows?
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