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Pretty! I've always loved things related to the ocean/underwater! ✨

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How could you possibly imagine glass curves with light that way! mind-blowing

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This is pure fantasy, absolutely breathtaking!

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I like how some fish kinda look upside-down lol.

Good stuff

somewhere before the fall... this was a scene in Rapture.

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is that the window from the Kelp exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?

GlauxBryonia's avatar

Can I visit this concert please? Also that piano is amazing and I love that there's a whale outside, possibly listening to her play.

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I found this video through a musical trip (because music in my phone was just getting a little stale even though I have over 12k songs in there) and wow. This phenomenonal artwork caught my eye. I just had to see who it was and yep I had a feeling it was one of my favorite artists... WLOP (world list of pron.... ok bad joke im out)...

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Great artwork, love it.

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I am particularly fond of this set , It could be shown in one of the top art galleries around the world , pure stunning work .

you can now consider me a fan thank you for sharing your work.

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Simply Marvelous Artwork!!! Mindblowing :headbang: :woohoo: Austria emote :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a

Hello Wlop! Your three pictures with a lady at a"piano" are so nice! I'm a composer (of classical and cinematic music style) and have my music on Youtube (with illustrations from phorographers and artists). I'm now searching pictures to Lullaby for Pianist (for Piano and Orchestra). The names of the illustration artists will naturally appear there. My music gets publicity and the illustrators get publicity on Youtube. If interested to see examples of my videos, please, contact! Let's co op! My email is

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i love u art a long time Green Heart Icon

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Is there a print available for this? I would love to hang it over my piano.

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Nice combination of rendered 3d and 2d painting! Absolutely stunning result.

suszduoi's avatar

Neat concept. I wonder if it would be possible to design a piano like a harp.

Phantasya-Naos's avatar

This is simply amazing :heart:

TLane11's avatar

This too cool, the details are brilliant. Good work.

HammerinInkminer's avatar

...magnificent work.

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I discovered your work and I appreciate your artistic sense. This artwork is of a noble beauty which accompanies my work in music.

keep making us dream

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hang on hang on, how is this not automatically in your shop as an option to buy? I mean, if that's your choice, that's cool, but like... do deviant art charge you for it or something? An artist of your talent, I'd assume all works of art would be automatically on offer as a print or something - unless there was a paywall barrier or something. none of my business, sorry, the lack just quite surprised me!

DeadDancers's avatar

Oh wow. I don't know what I'm more blown away by. That incredibly real skin tone, plus shadows, that soft hair or the glass of the piano, WOW!

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