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Nier DLC outfit

Nier:automata DLC new outfit

The original file an

d painting process video will be provided to supporters on my

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My dude, I saw this illustration in 福州 in a shop... I took a pic:
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Do you have this or the A2 print available for sale on a different site? I know a friend who would really like to buy both but it seems the only Nier Automata print you have for sale is Silence.
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Because what a game about perfect android-ass needed more of, was fapability.
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2B as kaine.....sorta blasphemy but still cool
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"Double the Trouble." Hug 
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going to recreate them panties :P
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Amazing.. I dont know the game but I keep seeing Nier almost everywhere.. Excellent work though, really like the postures and clothing and hair... And somehow I find the one fully clothed more sexy than the other.. :'D
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Beautiful your artwork! ❤
best thing in this art is how a2 tenderly holds 2b's waist... tbh they are like sisters here. cant stop watching this... dammm Hug

and 2b caresses a2's cheek saying 'why are you so sad, sis? everything will be ok, dont worry' Huggle! 
Stop touching my fucking heartstrings
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hahahaha poor 2B, great artwork !
why poor. actually she's got tons of money she cant really use. she cant even buy t-shirt for her dear emo boy. why she's so fond of him thou.... idk. mystery
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Really great work
(funny, recently i saw the panty in a shop XD)
best painting of 2b and a2 hands down
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Heart Heart Heart 好看~
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This art whispering me to STOP Painting
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sakurasou effect
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