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Monster Hunter

monster hunter world fanart

4k wallpaper, original file, brush set and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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today Monster Hunter Rise just got confirmed on PC, can't wait for another fan art of monster hunter from you.

I hope that's layered Armor, cuz Vaal Hazak armor is super weak to fire...

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Hi, i add an fav your art, but i hope u can enjoy my video's.

Pls add like and subs for more video's.


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where you at the con last year

Hey WLOP. You probably won't see this, but there is a company called PulsartStudio that is selling canvas prints of your work. Are they working with you? I want to get a poster, but I'd rather pay you than some scuffed site.

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Aaahh more please T^T
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Ahhh the Teostra.. I remember this dragon, I passed lot of time with him on my PSP XD
Amazing representation of this monster! Very beautyfull! <3
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armor name plz?
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Looks like the female Vaal Hazak Beta armour to me, with the Divine Slasher Longsword
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Is that Teostra?
Very beautiful and very powerful 
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What a masterpiece bravo.
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ooh Can i ask you wich size and wich kind of data you saved this art work. 
I´m not sure if you would look at my drawings but somehow they're all pretty blurry when you look at them. 
But its not possible as I´m drawing my art on photoshop and on my phone they're sharp but on deviantart itself they're blurry... can you help me? :(
I bought a poster of this at an anime convention in my home state today.
God damn man that is good stuff, would kill to get stuff like that drawn.
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Indeed the artist really put effort into it and it shows
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So damm good, Just hope that you didnt fought the Teostra with Vaal Hazak's armor that would be a nightmare ! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
Time to start doing Magic the Gathering cards!!!!
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Loved it! The armor looks amazing! :heart:
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just curious there are people selling mouse pads and stuff at anime conventions with this art on it. Did you authorize this? or did they pull a china and steal your art for a profit?
Beautiful overall. 

One small nit -- the right hand looks over rotated relative to the rotation of the right arm.
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Holy, exquisitely wondrous! This Phenomenal Lion-like Monster is stunning and The Badass Monster Hunter looks incredible. The designs, griffin wings, horns, mane, eyes, tusks, claws, teeth, talons, interaction, magical sidekick nymph, long swords, battle dress, hair, armor, boots, hat, outfit, poses, expressions, lantern-like weapon, backpack, action, magic, sky, clouds, flock of birds, mountains, ledges, cliffs, crevices, trees, plant life, pathway, terrain, sparks, movement, effects, flow, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniquenss, colors, lighting, style, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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The monsters name is Teostra and the sidekick is a palico(cat) 
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