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See, stair, witness, observed Whispers The Owl... For there actions tell you everything

hello sir. I am your big fan. I want to buy a photo for my book cover. may I know the charges please ☺️🙏

Love the art!!! Can someone make a fanfic about ghostblade???

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That is quite unique! The bird looks sooo human :). If your looking for extra ways to earn money online as an artist, you might want to checkout this training; I’ve been trying it out but I’ve heard that artists and people with other creative skills do the best so maybe it would work for you better than me

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Wonderful 💚, your art never fail to amaze me

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His manipulation of mere dots into a magnificent piece of jewelry never fails to astonish me

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It looks like the owl has enlisted you to help, but you doubted that it actually worked for the princess.

"See? I told the truth, now uphold your end of the bargain."

Love it!

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cute work. nice piece

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In the shadow of her winged totem she resides, an ancient symbol of deep wisdom emblematic of fierce cunning and deep abiding knowledge, unto which she ascribes. Although young in years, she is blessed with abundant intelligence; those dark eyes, scintillating like pearls in the abyss, are bountiful whirlpools overflowing with understanding far beyond her tender years; her steel trap mind possesses keen insight into the human condition which renders her capable of tremendous leadership, exerting her will and charisma to the benefit of her friends, her family, her peers, and above all else, her nation. None like her have come before, and when she is gone, none like her shall be again. Cherish her now, oh ye people of the great empire, for a goddess incarnate walks among you, though her humility would never claim such a title for herself.

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I LOVE owls. You can see by my avatar. Your representation of an owl is magnificent. Your art style is superb. Please, keep on rewarding us with your marvelous work.

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Beautiful work, love each one... however, it seems like each character you make has the EXACT same face as all the others characters you've made...there are no true defining features to tell them apart besides freckles and eye color...even the cousins are hard to tell apart. I am blessed that they wear different clothes so I am able to tell them apart.

So my only concern is that in all the years you've been doing this, the faces remain all identical.

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I second this tbh. Definitely stunning, but different faces would make the world feel more populated

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Absolutely stunning work.

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Awww super beautiful and amazingly adorable artwork! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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...Impressive...most impressive! :)

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