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Lyanna Targaryen


I prefer this non-official ending, Lyanna Targaryen (daughter of  Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow) finally be the Lord of seven kingdoms. Just a fanart.

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哈哈 小恶魔

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Yeah the ending we saw in the last season will not be accepted by true fans. B-)

Worst writing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Feminism & Globalism influenced it with its desire to destroy everything I think.

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AWWWWWWWWWWWW so cuteeeeeee:heart:

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Bran in the throne will most likely be the official ending, once the books are finished. Martin told the showrunners about where he wanted to go with the story so that they could be prepared, not knowing the end wasn't the problem with the series ending it was how they got there... 
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This would have been a better ending.
I didn't even watch the show, and I thought the ending sucked.

But I do agree with what some other people have already said. I do think that something like this should've been how the show ended.

After all the death and murders and so on, that there's light showing for a better future.

But great job. Keep up the good work.
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SAME! And this is beautiful btw!
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Any fan ending in my opinion is better. Maybe he will make a sequel show where another "red woman witch" brings danny back. Drogon DID fly away with her body and we never got a real conclusion to the Lord of light. That might be a good set up. Maybe she finds her way east, takes over the place, and Arya finds her. :hmm: 

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I'd be up for that sequel!! I was always mad danerys and arya didn't become friends, but there wasn't enough time sadly. oh well, we can dream!

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This Would make George.R.R Martin Proud, and every "GoT" & "A Song of Ice and Fire" fan out there!
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This is a better ending than the shit we were shown.
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That would be  a really good twist for the ending! And your art is great as always! Faved straight away 😁
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She looks a bit young to be sitting on the Iron Throne already.  Hopefully this is just because Dany and/or Jon are abroad or something.
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The better final, I think, and nice to see Tyrion like a mentor. Probably she would be the best queen in the story of Game of Thrones :D.

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Very nice! Daenerys looks so cute! :)
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thats not daenerys lol
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Oops! I meant to type Lyanna! Didn't realize I wrote Daenerys. I haven't been getting much sleep lately. :/
This is the way it should have ended.  The daughter of Jon (Aegon) and Daenerys continuing their quest for a better world.  Born out of their tragic romance, she would be the hope for the future.
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This is incredibly adorable and I love it!
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That girl is positively radiating power to an incredible degree. Thank you wlop, absolutely fantastic art!
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