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"Let there be light"

I'll provide wallpaper, brushes, original PSD file (with step by step layers) and full normal speed video process of this piece on my

You can also support me on creating my own comic Ghostblade on my patreon.

As rewards, you will get: 
> full size image 
> PSD file with steps in different layer, and brush set 
> HD, normal speed process video

Read GhostBlade comic here:
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The light in this piece is what really makes it.  Great job!
cologoboyz's avatar
this aint light yagami/kira. 

at least this image is better than the anime
PhantomsGrave's avatar

Wdym? he isn't talking about the anime

(not trying to argue with you I'm just saying)

Psychadon's avatar

Christ whenever I see the word light now I think of Death Note nice to see I'm not the only one

bluegiraffe93's avatar
Ridiculously amazing, i mean f...........k:)
it's the same angel from Bow
cocowritesintears's avatar
This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I keep coming back to it!
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...very nice image -- I definitely see the light.
Relugus's avatar
Sublime. Oozes atmosphere and the way you convey metallic texture is superb.
I love how this painting style actually looks better in the smaller scale, yet in the larger version looses nothing of it's artistic flair.

Beautiful image and tecnique!! Timeless. :)
Thriem's avatar
Is the light-source commingling from her hood=?  Love the idea... the whole image-thing looks interesting.
So when does your comic book come out 
Thriem's avatar
+1 - I'm looking forward to it.
DunkleMaterie's avatar
" Let there be light ! "
but then God did not found the light switch.

Now you know why there was light regardless B-) always the Angels need to carry that lazy ass.
CaptainVulgar's avatar
Woah... Im glad I came across this! So beautiful!
Thriem's avatar
Oh gawd... is there any other way to get hands on the wallpaper ? A students discount or smth :D 
Love your work, but it appears that you are making these in way too low res to do them justice... What resolution do you make your RAW images in?
dnaa-13's avatar
So is this Yulia (Yan)?
igasoris's avatar
Beautiful!!! Clap Clap Clap 
amadeus19's avatar
and there was light.
ShameleesChaosPeach's avatar
ooo i saw this a couple of days ago on google + 
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