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Only a couple more months to go

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Reminds me of Shishio Makoto from Kenshin.

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Very expressive art ;)

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Damn such a powerful picture

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has the comic been cancled? i have heard rumors that it has.

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aghhh I can't find the comic anywhere! I keep wanting to go and reread but I've completely forgotten where it is. It was beautiful though, from what I remember.

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That's RIGHT yup! I JUST found it again yesterday lol thank you!

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They way he is looking at her and the way she is leaning towards him ♥

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I absolutely love your comic! Keep up the good work!
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Pleas ! give me more chapter (><)

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As always amazing art, I ship them!

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This is awesome! Great job - and the guy reminds of Shishio from "Rurouni Kenshin" (the classic manga).

Shishio X Yumi
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Interesting combination!

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you topped yourself. a hole story in one work. thanks for intensiv feelings.

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I "leaned" to the screen when I saw this. Congrats on top trending :clap: I love it:love:

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beautiful composition with a sunrise atmosphere ... they are the kind of color that is hard to come by

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