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 In Ghostblade, there are some interesting setting in North desert, say these lighting butterfly - people in North desert never use fire for lighting,
 they place bait on their torch, lamp, roof, everywhere. Every night, the lighting butterfly will light up the whole city!

I'll provide full normal speed video process on my patreon:

You can also support me on creating my own comic Ghostblade on my patreon:

As rewards, you will get: 
> full size image 
> PSD file with steps in different layer, and brush set 
> HD, normal speed process video
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how can someone create something this beautiful

This is so beautiful 🥰

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guy... this is so beautiful ... i fell... i will cry e.e
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I really like how this looks! Great work!
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This is unbelievably beautiful!
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Why is this so pretty? like the technique in all your pieces are gorgeous yet there are some that just look really nice and make me feel something akin to attraction. maybe it's the emotion and composition idk
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this is trully amazing! 
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Its very majestic !!Nod And i really love it  :squee: 
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"fall us here"
sory that the first thing that poped in to my minde
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FLASH BACK NOW ddududududududuuudduududduduU FLASH BACK uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FLASH BACK 
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I love how powerful the glow is.
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A magnificent masterpiece! Beautiful and astonishing! Bravo!Fav fella (Badge) Applaud fella (Reactions) Fella DeviantArt Flag Yes fella ( Message ) 
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woah no way my dude, I sent it to no one. see you tomorow
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Im dead lol 

hehe xd
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wait this was posted like 4 years ago whoops
murk491's avatar

el big
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its so beautiful! :DDD
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I just bought this print at Dragoncon! Quite a few of your art prints and some other Deviant artists' prints were sold at a booth that said that they were part of an organization that helps artists in China sell their work in the U.S.
Your art is so beautiful. I can't express how happy it makes me feels. Keep doing your amazing work.
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