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Kochou Shinobu

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Alright, so I was already in love with their work, but this is beyond gorgeous. And I'm even more bias because of the My favorite style of art, and this is just on another level, so incredible

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wow anime style! xD

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She’s pretty~
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The face seems too artificial

Not really

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The face and hair are incredible, but what is going on with that sword?
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My statement was not merely a statement, but a question.

To answer yours, no I do not watch this anime. What a redundant thing to ask, if I watched the anime, I would be aware of the strange and unique design of this particular character's sword. As I do not, I was unsure why it looked the way it does, and so questioned as much.

Please think before you do. I don't care if it takes you a month to write your response, as long as it is well thought out.
Happy COVID-19.
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It’s ok, they were just answering your question lol

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Except they didn't.
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What I’m saying is that a simple question didn’t call for an aggressive response like that. They were informing you that the sword was like that in the anime, and wondering if you had watched it.

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That was a aggressive?
Sorry, what?

Their response was "what's wrong, the sword is perfect, do u watch this anime?"
A more polite and effective response would be "That is actually how this particular sword looks in the anime, it's called______I'm guessing you haven't seen it."
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this blackrain8 lol

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This is beautiful. Love your art style.

I see that you have work to do but I wanted to ask you if you were willing to do a cover for my book. I wrote you a note with more info. Please think about it :)

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Beautiful piece of work!

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Oh wow. And just when I thought the Demon Slayer characters couldn't look any more awesome, you do this. Amazing. Absolutely NAILED Shinobu Kocho. Even down to the cordial smile with barely checked rage just behind the facade erected by the eyes. I know it's unreasonable to expect you to do all nine of the Hashira, but now I can't help but be insanely curious how Kyojuro Rengoku would turn out in your style.
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who is she? never appeared in your novel ghost blade?

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忍ぶbest waifu (/▽\)♪

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Nezuko tho o///o

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Yeas (*σ>∀<)σ her too

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She's a prominent character in the hit manga/anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba".
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