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Gorgeous colors
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Whoa... impressive! :wow:
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i keep coming back to this one and I cant figure out does the woman have a head? Its beautiful 
She is ticking into the nights shoulder
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Now that I've noticed it, I can't not see it anymore. I think it really is her head
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I'm not too sure either, but maybe if you look really closely, tucked into the Knight's left shoulder, might be her head. I can kind of see a hairline and her hair flowing over her back, but really it could just be the Knight's armour haha
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I think you're right; her head is against the knight's left shoulder.  You can see the dark brown hair.  The trick is that due to the color palette, the shadow cast across her face almost hides her head.
Wonderful art. Just amazing
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very amazingLa la la la 
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very very clever xxxx
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This is really great.
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This is amazing, such atmosphere its showing but how come i dont see her head?
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Your work is so free and emotional. I'm quite envious. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 
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What art program do you use?
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Unbelievable! How does a person get this good?
The atmosphere is amazing! 
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I really love this, the bold brush strokes are so beautiful, I like how the whole frame appears to be streaked with blood, but the red could be flower blossoms from the trees. Very nice, I like it! :D
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Very beatiful!!!
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fantastic piece of work
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phht...sorry for the expression but .. this is fucking beautiful !!! I love it ! It has just took my breath away .
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