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Kiki's Delivery Service

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2.5 hours Speed painting, Kiki's Delivery Service!

You can also support me on creating fanart on my patreon:

As rewards, you will get: 
> full size image 
> PSD file with steps in different layer, and brush set 
> HD, normal speed process video
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...Kiki arrives in Aeolian's domain--this has possibilities! :evillaugh:

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I love this movie right up there with little nemo for me and my little nemo I mean the anime not the Disney flick.
jeana1's avatar
How cool that is!
I like the colors on it!
Tnynfox's avatar
Don't fall into the cyberpunk dystopian looking town.
Ralouca's avatar
OMG, Gigi is about to fall!! Giggle 
ecuasage's avatar
Gigi is always about to fall. ;)
PolaLemurArt's avatar
Super beautiful!!!
ZuziaXx's avatar
Wow Kiki Hayao Miyazaki is proud from YOU :D and im Your sponsor now :D all Your gallery is awesome and that painting style is epic :D i must lern that even if i try my whole live, someday i add here some Art :) You are my inspiration and Master Mr. Wang Thank You! :) Cheers from Poland
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The hanging Gigi is priceless! Thank you for this. It was a very special, very touching movie. 
Cool! I always like that movie. To bad they never made a part 2 of it. Nice artwork by the way.
zJoriz's avatar
Awesome scene! Looks like a more futuristic city than the one she lives in the movie, by the way ^_^
Shefali13's avatar
Cool picture! There is movement!)And very nice)
Angryzilla's avatar
May I use this image for a youtube video?
NamineRitsu-san's avatar
This looks so gorgeous! I love how you did the background and sky, it's so beautiful! :D It really makes me glad to see how much people like Studio Gibli's movies, and what beautiful art they make from it. :) Also, I love how you have Jiji hanging off of Kiki's broomstick. X3 
loganloco123's avatar
i love that movie :D
StarlitRay's avatar
Eeek! I love that movie! ❤
Man, she's lucky witch hunters are unlikely to pack AA guns...
Lost-One-60's avatar
YAY! More Kiki art.
Eif-ka's avatar
Braelycake's avatar
I love the view the best >~< its like I'm riding it too 
RaeSeddon2's avatar
So pretty! I love this movie. You really captured the moment here.
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