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4k wallpaper, original file, brush set and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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Just loving your work more and more.

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Whoever you are, you are a TRULY amazing visual communicator.  This image evokes such a strong emotional response.  Is she crying?  Is the sky crying for her?  Or is it simply trying to mask her fate?  Either way, she needs to be comforted or protected immediately. The use of depth of field and kinetic nature of the water is just perfect.  It all comes together to spring to life!  Simply amazing!
You're putting way too much thought into what is essentially David Cage's masturbation material
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And no offence, but you obviously put way too LITTLE thought into the same things.

What you described could have easily been said for the countless other female characters David Cage has created, to the point where it's fetishistic to the informed, and merely needlessly poignant to the less informed.

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fellas, is it a fetish to describe deep emotion of characters in drawings

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Kara the deviant on DeviantArt, how ironic
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You know...I've quietly favorited a lot of your work over time and I guess I didn't realize it was all you or I was too distracted to care but it's kinda now like why haven't I put you on my watch list?
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Ah, Kara
Who got hit by a Car-a
And who is now in a Car-a
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It looks so deep and dramatic! :O
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wow Beautiful 
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I'm watching Jacksepticeye's Detroit Become Human playthrough right now, and kara's story is so...powerful, so emotional. This picture really captures that-I was wondering who 'Kara' was.

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This is so freaking good! Superb work! 
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Wow so realistic I love it Kara looks so good
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nope it not Cara
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Love this! So heart breaking! The game is so good!
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Kara 💞 im so sad when i look at her coz i watched one of the the worst, the saddest endings with her recently ;--;
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Which one (SPOILERS below):

the one where she and Alice die in the camp
the one where she sacrifices herself to save Alice
or the one where she abandons her and Alice dies
maya-mujun's avatar
Actually ive seen each one, but the one with her sacrifacing herself touched me more
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