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Ice Princess

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This our kingdom!

I'll provide wallpaper, brushes, original PSD file (with step by step layers) and full normal speed video process of this piece on my

You can also support me on creating my own comic Ghostblade on my patreon.

As rewards, you will get: 
> full size image 
> PSD file with steps in different layer, and brush set 
> HD, normal speed process video

Read GhostBlade comic here:

feather by wlop
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so many humans....
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this is so epic man... coincidentially the Stranger Things soundtrack is playing right now... wow, your art style is instantly recognizable... you can tell this picturei s by wlop without knowing its from you. That means you developed a very unique art style... and this is really, really good... im usually not the super dooper fantasy fan (still like it tho) but this is really beyond everything ive seen so far... this really gives you the impression of might, of majesty and of power... really good man, keep it up.
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Seeing this alone gives me stage fright like damnnnn.
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You made this! I faved this a while ago and just saw this in your gallery!
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...your art is always so beautiful -- every image always tells a thought provoking story.
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This looks mixed medium, nice work. 
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Those guards kinda look like reinhardt
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Jaw dropping. The distance and size of crowd really give it magnitude.
Gotta love the sheer scale of this!
kayleemichaels's avatar
Wow, just beautiful
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I just love that kind of art in that situation up there ^ Such an epic view.
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you art is so awesome <3
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So elegant, love your imagination! <3
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Very nice image.  Love the depth implied here.  SUPERCOOL!
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Divine perspective ! :D
beautiful just beautiful. 
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