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Published: December 19, 2015
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PepiCzechHobbyist Digital Artist
For me personally, this is one of the best, if not the best, work I've ever seen in Deviant art over the years. It depicts emotions, higher ideals, goodness, morality. Moreover, it is technically perfectly mastered. You have a lot of great paintings in your portfolio, but this one stands out among them. Great job. Respect and deep respect for you.
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Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Chivalry will never die.
gothold's avatar
this piece tells a story, the noble knight protecting the young woman from the mobs wrath.

Stunning work!!
Diego2112Gaming's avatar

When I see this, for some reason I think of FitzChivalry Farseer...

MultiverseInquisitor's avatar
Oh wow! I've seen this pic on an Eurrielle music video. I believe sing was called, "Carry Me."
PokeMario17's avatar
This is an amazing piece of art, it demonstrates how kind one person is to protect another from the world.

Crap I'm starting to sound like my English teacher.
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LEECreepNew Deviant
The meme origin
CALvinTV's avatar
CALvinTVNew Deviant

I found this before I even knew about the meme people have appearantly been talking about. I think its a very moving piece of art. Also its quite dumb people arent giving any credit to use in their memes. -_-

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ricynHobbyist Artist
This piece is absolutely stunning.. I'm not particularly good with explaining what i like about artwork, but this one draws me in and leaves me wanting to know why the crowd is reacting in the way that they are.
Anyhow, I'll stop rambling now. Great work :3
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AlexaWayneProfessional Digital Artist
I do not know you, but I wanted to let you know that this piece touched me so deeply in my heart that I cried. The kindness and genuine movement from the knight to protect the young lady is so deeply felt despite not seeing his face is breathtaking. It is felt in his gesture and the way his head is placed. He cares for her and no one else. I don't know if you'll ever get to read this, but I hope you do.
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DaAAaaADdyNew Deviant

@wlop I have questions to say

What is the tone of this piece of art? and What is the mood of this piece of art? also

What is the subject of the art?

W4rrbird's avatar
I question what your question is.......
What does it say to you when you look at it???
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DaAAaaADdyNew Deviant

I have a project and i picked this art and in needed help

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graughtHobbyist Digital Artist

this is great

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SideshowBudHobbyist Traditional Artist
Who needs the memes? This is great by itself.
HetaliaLove100's avatar
Inside Edition has stolen this artwork and posted it on their YouTube as a meme.
OMFGxAxGirl's avatar

Is it possible to buy this anywhere as a print?

DiscordLexia's avatar
Wouldn't have found this sans the meme. Looks good. Nice image.
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Clytia-796Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Someone stole your art:  We Against Pop Music! #17 by AudiomachineForLife
Sharpman01's avatar
Sharpman01Hobbyist General Artist
Kinda looks like it was used for a meme.
Clytia-796's avatar
Clytia-796Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah but I reported yet LOL
Sharpman01's avatar
Sharpman01Hobbyist General Artist
B4tt's avatar
I already commented years ago, but have to again. I love this so much, so much history in a single image.
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kyomiieHobbyist Digital Artist
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