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xXRulerofAtlantisXx's avatar

Now I feel the need to write a story solely based on this ungodly beautiful piece of art right here.


TanakaARTS's avatar
the brushwork seems rough but yet very detailed
Therocker966's avatar

love the art, what kind of Helmet is the knight wearing

SweetTomtato22's avatar
A greathelm, looks to be early 13th century. Doesn't match his late medieval-style armor too but it's fantasy so all's good.
Therocker966's avatar

Alright, I mean I will admit it has to be an amazing helmet

so u are the master mind behind this beautifull draw, u are amazing, cant believe how talented u are

WorldCurrency's avatar
creativsis's avatar

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can just stare at it for hours and imagine these beautiful beautiful stories, and ahhh

WorldCurrency's avatar

2755 comments... wow....

WorldCurrency's avatar

guess it's 2756 now

the best meme xd

LarimarGemstone's avatar

I finally found this!! You’re so talented!!

SorakuFett's avatar

Finally found this image after so long, this is very well done.

X3rr4's avatar

I made 3D Version. But i think your original is far better.

Princess Hanna
royal-breeze's avatar

Someone got inspired to make this into reality the best they could.

I am permission to use this as my class assignment

chris-the-sword's avatar

this is a beautiful, tender and powerful image about a guardian who protects his queen from harm.

this could easily be a symbolism on how we always want to guard those that are valueable for us, or those that we love...

and this pic is also the base for the ''protector'' meme, which is awesome in itself!

great work man, i admire your artwork, and i thank you for giving birth to such a cool meme...

ELONtheMUSKRAT's avatar
Okamikiba18's avatar

Yes, I was asking: which exact meme? I mean, I've never seen this picture in a meme form before.

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