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God of war


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4k wallpaper, original file, brush set and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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This is so beautiful, I want to use it as the artwork for a viking composition I am going to release soon that I've worked very hard on, let me know what you think. Solas Composer is the YouTube channel.

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I literally gasped when I saw this omg

i don't feel enough strength on his hands and arms , and i think Kratos would never do this

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Muck... Go my child
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Is the woman at left Faye(boy's Mother) or Freya(the witch of the Woods)??????????????????????

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What a heartfelt moment.
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So did you enjoy the game?
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So beautifful it maade me cry
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Great concept. I love this father giving his blessing under the ghostly glances of ancestors? Gods? Great job. 
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I believe those are gods he killed lmao
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God of war and his elder father,LoL
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We're fightin'with the gods of war!
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the three other character in the mist who are they ?  the man looks like zeus. but the two other female, i don't recognise them .
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The other one must be Faye, Atreus mother
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One of them is Athena (the closest to Zeus) the other im guessing is Kratos's first wife? I cant really see who she might bre
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